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A New Chapter - Secrets of Mary's Bookshop - Book 1 - Continuity Series




Quick Overview

Escape to a charming seaside town where mysteries are just waiting to be solved...

Upon returning to Cape Cod to open her bookshop and near her sister, Mary has a newfound sense of peace. But soon, she begins to realize that not everything is as serene as it seems. After years of reading mystery novels, Mary finds herself using sleuthing skills she didn't realize she had in Guideposts new mystery series, Secrets of Mary's Bookshop. 

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About Secerts of Mary's Book Shop Series

After raising her family in Boston, recently widowed Mary Fisher moves back to Cape Cod to be near her sister Betty and to do something she always dreamed of: open a bookstore called Mary’s Mystery Bookshop. Soon, Mary discovers that years of reading mystery novels have paid off in a big way! In each novel, Mary puts her sleuthing skills to work to uncover some of Ivy bay’s most unexpected and fascinating mysteries.

The series begins with...

A New Chapter


Kristen Eckhardt

Mary loves her new life in the quaint beach village of Ivy Bay! Around every corner is a picturesque view worthy of a postcard. In fact, Mary thinks she’s found a little piece of heaven…but when her store is broken into one night, Mary begins to realize that not everything is as peaceful and serene as it seems.

Mary is days away from her store’s Grand Opening when the window in the door of her bookshop is smashed in, the shelves overturned, and the rug pulled up. But the intruder didn’t take anything except for an antique photo of her store front. As Mary tries to track down the person who could have wanted that photo – and why – she uncovers a secret that may mean the end of Mary’s Mystery Bookshop.


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About the Author

Kristin Eckhardt is the author of more than twenty-five books, including four books in Guideposts’ Mysteries of Sparrow Island series. She has won two national awards for writing and her first book was made into a television movie. Kristin and her husband raised three children on their farm in central Nebraska and are active volunteers in their church and community.


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Other Books in the Series

The series continues with…

2. Rewriting History

  Vera Dodge

Format: Hardcover 

Page Count: 263

When Mary invites a best-selling author to read at her store, she sees an old friend in the crowd at the event. But when she tries to greet her childhood friend, the woman disappears without a trace, and no one else admits to having seen her. Mary’s search for her old friend leads her on a journeythrough her past that threatens to forever change Mary’s future. Your imagination will soar as you try to solve the mystery alongside Mary. 

3. Reading the Clues

Author:  Elizabeth Mattox

Format: Hardcover 

Page Count: 265

Mary’s sister Betty is served with a lawsuit that claims the Emerson Grist Mill, a local treasure that had been in her husband’s family for centuries, which actually belongs to a rival family in town. Mary is sure the suit is unfounded, and, determined to help Betty dispute the case, she uses the relics she discovers inside the mill and clue in one of the books in her shop to resolve a hundred-year-old mystery. Can she reconcile the differences between two families who have been feuding for generations?

More titles in this series:

4. The Writing on the Walls                           15. The Lost Noel
5. By Word of Mouth 16. Work in Progress
6. A Book by it's Cover 17. Words of Wisdom
7. Poetry in Motion 18. Lost for Words
8. Missing Pages 19. Cooking the Books
9. Between the Lines 20. Snowbound
10. By the Book 21. Digging Up Clues
11. Disappearing Act 22. Shady Characters
12. A Classic Case 23.  Hidden Meaning
13. Cover Story 24.  Mixed Motives                           
14. A Thousand Words
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