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Rewriting History - Secrets of Mary's Bookshop - Book 2

When Mary’s Mystery Bookshop hosts an event featuring a famous author, Mary can’t help but notice that one of the guests in the audience looks remarkably like her old friend, Claire! But when Mary goes to reintroduce herself to her once-best friend, she disappears without a trace. As if this wasn’t profound enough, rumors begin to spread around Ivy Bay about a secret relationship between Claire and Mary’s husband, John.  Are the rumors just rumors, or was there an unwelcome romance that Mary was never aware of? And what exactly is it that Claire is running away from?
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Product Description

About Secrets of Mary’s Bookshop

Mary Fisher has found the perfect place to retire—right where she started. She’s moving back to Cape Cod to open Mary’s Bookshop in Ivy Bay, a quaint coastal village flanked by meandering marshes and silvery beaches. It’s the perfect place to relax with a good book on a summer day. But Mary soon discovers that this small town is full of secrets. Escape to a charming seaside town, get to know the lively characters who call this community home, and discover the mysteries in Mary’s Bookshop!

Book Description

Rewriting History – Book 2

Friends forever…

Mary’s Mystery Bookshop is hosting a very special guest: beloved mystery author Addison Hartley. Hartley gives an intimate reading to the fans gathered in the story, but Mary’s eyes are drawn not to the famous author but to a familiar face in the crowd. Could it be Mary’s best friend from childhood, Claire Wilkes? As soon as Mary moves to greet her old friend, the woman disappears. Mary is certain it was Claire, but no one else seems to have recognized her and Mary begins to doubt herself. But when Mary reads Hartley’s new novel, she finds eerie parallels to her own history. And when terrible rumors surface around town about a secret relationship between Claire and Mary’s husband John, Mary is more determined than ever to track down Claire. What brought her to Mary’s store? When did she run away? What was her connection to the best-selling novel? And, more importantly, were the rumors about Claire and Mary’s husband true?

About the Author

Vera Dodge is a lover of books and the Cape is delighted to blend both of her passions in the series Secrets of Mary’s Bookshop. She grew up in small towns in the Midwest.

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Author: Vera Dodge
Page Count: 240 pages