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Spiritual Remedies

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Spiritual Remedies
Relieve more than 35 conditions with the power of prayer and faith. This brand-new book brings together the combined wisdom of spiritual experts with dozens of useful, quick-to-apply spiritual tips to reconnect with God and lift your spirits during any kind of health challenge you may face.

You’ll find faith-filled remedies for a variety of conditions from everyday ailments and negative emotions to serious health prob-lems, such as Alzheimer’s disease, loneliness, grief, fatigue, or fear…facing surgery or coping with a serious illness…beset with financial problems, divorce, weight problems, or more, Spiritual Remedies will show you how to deal with it.

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Spiritual Remedies Hardcover

Spiritual Remedies - Hardcover

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Spiritual Remedies Hardcover

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Spiritual Remedies Hardcover

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About Spiritual Remedies

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You’ll turn to Spiritual Remedies again and again as an ongoing source of inspiration and hands-on help and to relax your mind as you read uplifting true accounts of answered prayers and meet everyday people who’ve tackled physical and emotional pain. There are hundreds of expert tips in all—each one is precise, positive, and practical.

Are you experiencing jealousy or anger? Purge negative feelings with the prayer partner on page 167. Does a family member have a terminal illness? Unburden your soul with the Scripture on page 52. Have you suffered a catastrophic event? Then take heart in the pastoral affirmation that “God is still in control.”

Whatever you’re struggling with, God is in it with you. You’ll see how God hears your prayers and sends His help when you are sick or sad or stressed.

From depression to chronic pain… Relieve dozens of conditions with Spiritual Remedies!

Science proves the power of prayer! Of the hundreds of studies con-ducted to explore the health rewards of prayer and faith,70–80% show a benefit.That’s more evidence than scientists have supporting the benefits of vitamin C as a treatment for the common cold.

For example, a startling study shows that smokers who didn’t find religion important had 4.3 times the risk for high blood pressure as smokers who did. Frequent church attendance can cut your risk of heart disease and stroke by literally lowering blood pressure.

Another study on patients with rheumatoid arthritis showed that the amount of pain, impair-ment, and joint swelling and

Ease anxiety with Jesus's soothing words...

Stress takes a heavy toll on your body, and sets you up for serious health problems, from headaches and insomnia to high blood pressure. The good news is… “studies show that people who have a deep commitment to religion may be uniquely equipped to handle pres-sure,” said David B. Larson, M.D., past president of the National Institute of Healthcare Research. “As we come to worship God, the stress of striving for things such as money and power fade in impor-tance,” says psychology professor Everett L. Worthington, Ph.D.

By using the prayers and tips in Spiritual Remedies, you can man-age and even reduce the stressors in your life. For example…

  • -Say farewell to anxiety with the Scriptures on page 127. “With these verses, we can imagine God leading us every step of the way,” said William Backus, Ph.D., a Christian licensed psychologist.
  • -Having trouble coping with stress? Try the 5 proven ways to take your stress in stride. Page 196. 

  • -Paralyzed by phobias? This treatment for phobias and other forms of anxiety helps you face serious fears directly until they subside. Page 124.

  •  -What do you do when it’s time for your flu shot—and you’re terrified of needles? See how B.J. managed her fear with the trusted words on page 122. 

Show your gratitude with a healing attitude

Life is a series of experiences, tests, and learning opportunities. Our job is not to be perfect, but to remain resilient and hopeful in the face of adversity. "That is a healing attitude,” says prayer teacher Vernon M. Sylvest, M.D., a physician with a prayer-based holistic medical practice.

Here are some practical ways to maintain that constructive focus:

  • -Avoid abusers. To find happiness and good emotional health see page 214 for ways to end the cycle of abuse. 
  • -When a dark and doubtful thought enters your mind, counter it with the exercises on page 138.

  •  -Find peace in an uncertain world. Your job has a lot to do with your moods, your mental outlook, and your health. From overworking to dealing with a dysfunctional boss, you’ll welcome these survival tips from Paul Meier, M.D., Christian psychiatrist and theologian. Page 138. 

When unexpected difficulties arise, get blessed relief with these practical Prayer Prescriptions! 

         Now Spiritual Remedies is here to help with inspiring Scripture, calming prayers, and ready-to-use tips. 
  • -Is a friendship floundering because you aren’t admitting to a mistake? Follow the simple biblical prescription on page 95.
  • -Is your anger careening out of control? Carry a STOP! card with the Healing Words on page 120. 
  • -Is temptation calling you? “Take Three Steps, Then Stop…It is time now to let God Himself battle for you. He will always step in at this point, and provide you with a way out.” Guideposts Spiritual Workshop, page 200. 
  • -Is a loved one struggling with addiction? Start with a pencil and paper. “If this is overlooked, it can short-circuit the whole recovery process,” says a noted addictions counselor. Page 12.

Here’s what you get with Spiritual Remedies:

  • -Prayer Prescriptions for 35+ conditions from Alzheimer’s to trust.
  • -Advice from America’s top religious leaders, counselors, doctors, and scientists.
  • -Hundreds of practical tips for handling anger, stress, depression, loneliness, fear, and more. 
  • -Healing Words: Prayers and Scripture that bring hope and peace.
  • -Faith Builders that provide words of encouragement for navigating the road ahead.
  • -Handy Index makes it easy to find the spiritual antidote to help you face any problem.
  • -Guideposts Exclusive Hard-cover Edition—Not available in any store, 7˝ × 9˝, 352 pages.

Plus get these 3 free guides with your purchase of the hardcover edition!

And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise Him up. If He have sinned, He will be forgiven.

—James 5: 15 (NIV)


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