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Pieces of the Past - Patchwork Mysteries - Book 6

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Pieces of the Past - Patchwork Mysteries - Book 6
When Sarah agrees to restore an old quilt for a wealthy recluse; she's surprised by a message that is formed when the blocks of quilt are put together. It's a cry for help, but Sarah doesn't know who wrote it or how long ago. Her client won't reveal any information about it, and a stranger warns her that she may be in danger. Sarah must decide whether or not to pursue this mystery or listen to the stranger for fear of her own life. When Sarah photographs nearby Mount Greylock for research she is doing on a wall quilt, she sees something strange in the pictures- a door, partly buried in the ground! Sarah decides to investigate, and finds an old root cellar filled with stolen items from recent burglaries in the area. She also finds an old daguerreotype, and suspects that the thief could be connected to the young couple in the daguerreotype. Sarah tries to figure out who the couple is, and uncovers an old secret that will surprise everyone in Maple Hill.
Pieces of the Past - Patchwork Mysteries - Book 6

Patchwork Mysteries - Entire Series

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Pieces of the Past - Patchwork Mysteries - Book 6

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Pieces of the Past - Patchwork Mysteries - Book 6

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Pieces of the Past - Patchwork Mysteries - Book 6

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About Patchwork Mysteries

Set in a historic village nestled in beautiful New England, Patchwork Mysteries are entertaining and intriguing mysteries, always centered around a quilt. Sarah Hart, an expert quilt restorer, skillfully pieces together the clues to Maple Hill's most intricate mysteries where secrets will be revealed, challenges are met and neighbors.

Secrets in the Stitches– Book 8

Author: Jo Ann Brown

Just before Sarah leaves town to visit her daughter, Jenna, Sarah’s friend Ella Buttonwood comes to her with an exciting discovery: She’s just found an old quilt behind a false wall in her basement, and the patterns and fabrics prove what her family has claimed for generations- that her house was a stop on the Underground Railroad!

Rid runaway slaves seek refuge in Maple Hill? Could their little town have been instrumental in the flight to freedom? By the time Sarah gets back to Maple Hill, everyone in town is excited about the idea, and the city has started raising money to turn Ella’s historic house into an Underground Railroad Museum. Sarah has her doubts about the quilt though. Could it really be as old as it looks? And when Ella disappears, along with the museum funds, Sarah must unravel the history of the quilt to learn what happened and to find the money! Can she discover the secret hidden in the stitches?

About the Author

Jo Ann Brown has been creating characters and stories for as long as she can remember. She writes romance, mystery, and paranormal under a variety of pen names.  Her books have been translated into nearly a dozen languages and are sold on every continent except Antarctica. A sought-after speaker, she has been teaching creative writing for over 20 years, and she established several popular fiction courses at Brown University.

She has always lived on the east coast, but now resides in Nevada with her husband and two chubby cats.

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