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Mysteries of Martha's Vineyard Christmas Book Set

Previously published as Don’t Rock the Boat and Water Flows Uphill.

It’s Christmastime on Martha’s Vineyard!  Join Priscilla as she embraces life on the island and discovers a washed-up suitcase that leads her on a mysterious quest.  Christmas at the lighthouse may not be as peaceful as expected.  In the sequel, Priscilla becomes suspicious of a man who catches her cousin, Joan’s attention.  As Christmas approaches, Priscilla must protect her cousin without jeopardizing their relationship.

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Mysteries of Martha's Vineyard Christmas Book Set - Hardcover

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About Coast of Christmas Present

Priscilla is adjusting to her new life on Martha’s Vineyard and looking forward to her first island Christmas. She loves waking each day to the sound of waves lapping the shoreline and feeling the fresh, cold sting of winter sea air on her skin when she leaves her lighthouse home. Though she’s still learning what it means to be an islander, she no longer feels like a tourist in the community.

But when a suitcase washes up on shore, Priscilla wonders if there’s more in store for her at Misty Harbor than just a change of scenery. Intrigued by the luggage and its mysterious contents, she begins a quest to find its owner. As clues draw her closer to the truth, she realizes that Christmas at the lighthouse could turn out to be anything but quiet.


About Carol of the Ship’s Bells

It’s Christmastime in Martha’s Vineyard, and Priscilla wants to find the perfect gifts for friends and family. While she and Joan are browsing in a local art store, a man arrives who seems to know Joan, and she is clearly smitten with him. Despite her cousin’s assurances that Calvin Gallico is simply a friendly, reputable businessman, something just doesn’t sit well with Priscilla. Why has Joan never mentioned him? Could she possibly be falling head-over-heels for the man after only a brief acquaintance?

As the days draw closer to Christmas, Priscilla finds other reasons not to trust Calvin. But can Priscilla protect Joan without severing her close relationship with her cousin or pushing her farther into Calvin’s arms?