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Brimming with Questions - Tearoom Mysteries - Book 18

When Jan makes an effort to clean out a storage unit containing her mother's belongings, she finds a multitude of old newspaper articles about a baby that was born at the same hospital on the same day as Jan! As if this was not strange enough, the baby in question's name was Jane—remarkably close to Jan's. Was her mother hiding a secret from the family? Meanwhile, as the cousins uncover more information about the mysterious chandelier, Elaine's son, Jared, comes for an unexpected visit. Simultaneously, Jan's daughter, Amy, has a revelation that may change her life forever... Read on in Brimming with Questions, a tale packed full of mystery, family, and community!
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As the first glorious days of summer reach Lancaster, Maine, Jan makes an unsettling discovery while cleaning out the storage unit containing her late mother’s effects. A nondescript manila folder reveals decades’ worth of faded newspaper clippings about a baby who was taken from a Portland hospital—on the very day Jan was born there. What was behind her mother’s obsession with this baby, whose name—Jane—was so close to Jan’s?

Meanwhile, as the cousins uncover clues about their chandelier’s path from the mysterious abandoned mansion across the lake and its journey to the tearoom, Elaine’s son, Jared, arrives with his family at the tearoom for an all-too-rare visit from Ohio, and Jan’s daughter Amy confides a life-changing secret to her that she hasn’t yet told anyone else.

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