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What Prayer Can Do

Can your prayers change the course of events? How do you know if God is listening to you? And how do you pray when you can’t find the words? What Prayer Can Do explores these questions and more through inspiring true stories of answered prayers, practical steps to find God’s goodness, and guidance through prayer, and advice to improve your prayer life.

FREE with purchase, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s A Prayer for Every Need.

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About What Prayer Can Do

How do you know if God hears your prayers—and if you’re doing it “right?” What Prayer Can Do brings you astonishing new ways that prayer can enhance your life. You’ll learn more about the promises in the Bible…discover how to grow your relationship with God…kick start or strengthen your prayer life… and more. What Prayer Can Do explores and celebrates the power of prayer.


  • Calm your fears when money is tight. Page 7
  • Find relief from headaches, anxiety, and other common ailments. Page 18
  • See how faith healed Brenda’s faulty heart valve. “I’ve never seen anything like this,” says shocked surgeon. Page 22
  • Turn everyday moments into quiet time with God. Page 20
  • Witness “angelic intervention” when a toddler survives a nasty fall without a scratch. Page 14


What Prayer Can Do is a vivid reminder that God not only hears your prayers, but He answers them in miraculous ways. You’ll read true stories of everyday people who prayed for God’s help. And discover how He came through in remarkable ways they never expected. Their prayers worked wonders, and will give you every reason to believe in what prayer can do.

Now, thanks to your FREE GIFT, you’ll always have a prayer to help you find peace and comfort or gain the wisdom to make a difficult decision. A Prayer for Every Need by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale brings you a collection of daily prayers you’ll turn to again and again. Fill your day with healing, wisdom, and blessings! Whether you seek emotional healing in your family or healing from an illness, God is always ready to answer your prayers. And when you have trouble finding the words, A Prayer for Every Need will help you speak your heart. You’ll find daily prayers that speak to every life situation. You’ll find prayers for strength and courage, for hope and faith. Prayers that can heal body and soul, prayers that can heal hearts and relationships.