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Visits From Heaven and Imagine Heaven 2 Book Set

Enjoy amazing stories of people’s near-death experiences, who have returned with incredible detail about what heaven is really like.

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Imagine Heaven

Near-Death experiences, god's promises, and the exhilarating future that awaits you. 

As John Burke started reading and listening to hundreds of near-death experiences, he made an exciting discovery: the stories repeatedly describe a heaven that is consistent with Scripture. In Imagine Heaven, he recounts some of the most dramatic and powerful near-death experiences and compares them directly to Scriptural accounts of heaven. The result is a profoundly powerful experience that allows you to better understand God’s loving promise to you – and glimpse the glorious, beautiful home that awaits you.

Captain Dale Black shares his near-death experience following a plane crash: “

I was fast approaching a magnificent city, golden and gleaming among a myriad of resplendent colors. The light I saw was the purest I had ever seen. And the music was the most majestic, enchanting, and glorious I had ever heard. I was still approaching the city, but now I was slowing down. Like a plane making its final approach for landing. I knew instantly that this place was entirely and utterly holy. Don’t ask me how I knew, I just knew.“ I was overwhelmed by its beauty. It was breathtaking. And a strong sense of belonging filled my heart; I never wanted to leave. Somehow I knew I was made for this place and this place was made for me… The entire city was bathed in light.” - page 102

Visits from Heaven

One man's eye-opening encounter with death, grief, and comfort from the other side.

As a pastor, Dr. Pete Deison has a strong faith and knows what Scripture says about heaven. But he was filled with grief, sadness, and doubt when Harriet, his wife of 43 years, passed away suddenly.

Visits from Heaven is a beautiful love story that tells how Harriet reached out from heaven to reassure Pete that she was resting in peace in the care of the Heavenly Father. In a series of incredible coincidences, answers to prayer, dozens of vivid dreams, and even notes and cards, Harriet helped Pete see the wonderful truth – and transformed his grief into joy.

Pastor Deison then leaned back on his faith and his education, to connect his experience to Scripture and to insights shared by other Christian writers over the centuries: 

“I continued my question to know more about heaven, study in the Scriptures and many faith-centered books. Through my studies, I came to understand that in heaven Harriet has the same personality she had on earth. She also has the same love of flowers, still uses her gift of encouragement, and has the same understanding and knowledge she had when she died. Only now, she is free of her physical health issues, as well as the mental hindrances.” - page 56

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Imagine Heaven


186 pages, 5 ½” x 8 ½”

Visits from Heaven, hardcover

150 pages, 5 ½” x 8 ½”

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