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Heaven Sent and Thin Places 2 Book Set

This two-book set, filled with awe-inspiring accounts from Sabra and many others, will open your eyes wider to God's loving care, mysterious comfort from beyond, and answers that come in dreams and visions.

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About The Book

Sabra Ciancanelli is a beloved Daily Guideposts writer who has long shared her love of family through fresh, insightful writing. In Thin Places, she reveals how her sister’s sudden death at age 45 catapulted her into numbing grief, but, to her great surprise, also opened her eyes to “thin places”—moments when the spiritual realm, where her sister was now, felt close, immediate, even tangible. In chapters like “After a Loved One Passes,” “On Holy Ground,” and “The Ties that Bind,” Sabra discovers that the more she took notice, the more present the thin places seemed to be! But what’s more, she became more and more convinced, through her walk of faith, that the spirit of her sister was still lovingly present in her life.

Sabra shares her own inexplicable glimpses of God along with dozens of other people’s experiences of “thin places.” You’ll move through your own hard times, and feel God’s blessings again, through these accounts of God’s divine guidance, mysterious comfort from beyond, inexplicable protection, immeasurable reassurance, answers that come in dreams and visions, angels that give aid at the exact right moment, and more! And, like Sabra, you’ll come to know that the veil between heaven and earth is very thin…and parts at times, giving us a glimpse of eternity.

Heaven Sent, the exclusive companion volume created by the Editors of Guideposts, is a best-of collection of “Mysterious Ways,” the most-loved column in Guideposts magazine. You’ll encounter exciting true stories of God’s heaven-sent comfort, protection, healing, and encounters through dreams, angels, friends, family and unexpected messages. These surprising experiences will renew your strength and remind you that even in life’s toughest moments, God is right there with you.

This two-book set, filled with awe-inspiring accounts from Sabra and many others, will open your eyes wider to God loving care.

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