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The Christmas Glass

A dozen marvelous ornaments, portraying the Christmas story in delicate shapes and shimmering colors, have a mysterious way of soothing the spirit and touching the heart. But can they mend the lives of a family in turmoil and the people who are dear to them?
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About The Christmas Glass

In the early days of World War II in Italy, Anna, a young widow who runs a small orphanage, carefully wraps her most cherished possessions—a dozen hand-blown, German-made, Christmas ornaments, handed down by her mother—and sends them to a cousin she hasn’t seen in years.

Anna is distressed to part with her only tangible reminder of her mother, but she worries that the ornaments will be lost or destroyed in the war, especially now that her orphanage has begun to secretly shelter Jewish children. Anna’s young cousin Filomena is married with two-year-old twins when she receives the box of precious Christmas glass.

After the war, Filomena emigrates to America, where the precious ornaments are passed down through the generations. After more than forty years, twelve people come to possess a piece of Christmas glass, some intimately connected by family bonds, some connected only through the history of the ornaments. As Christmas Day approaches, you’ll join each character in a journey of laughter and tears, fractures and healings, as Filomena, now an eighty-four-year-old great-grandmother, brings them all to what will be either a wondrous reunion or a disaster that may shatter them all like the precious glass they cherish.

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  • Author: Marci Alborghetti
  • Digital Formats: ePDF & ePUB