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The Bible Club

The Bible Club
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The Bible Club
The Bible Club
The Bible Club

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Reach a New Level of Closeness to God!

Join the Bible Club and unlock the deeper meaning of God's word. 

What makes you turn to the Bible—Inspiration? Guidance? A desire to be closer to God? Whatever the reason, the Bible can touch your life, deepen your understanding, and enrich your spiritual growth in many ways. We want to help YOU find even more ways to be closer to God…

As a member of the Bible Club, you will receive a monthly newsletter written by Elizabeth Peale Allen, Dr. Peale's daughter, filled with stories, inspirational Bible quotes, tips, and more! Month after month, this dynamic Bible letter will focus on various topics including:

  • - How to recognize the Angels all around you
  • - How to enjoy Heaven on earth
  • - How to find joy in living God's way
  • - How to live with courage and confidence

But that's not all! As a member of the Bible Club, you will also receive:

  • - The King James version of the Holy Bible
  • - A personal Bible treasure to record your favorite Bible messages
  • - A velcro case to hold your Bible Club newsletters
  • - 2 bonus newsletters
All we ask is that you pledge a gift of $10, $15, or $20. The amount you choose is between you and God. Your donation will help enrich your own life with the uplifting joy of positive thinking and at the same time you will be helping others.  

Preview the monthly newsletter today!
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Your Support as a contributing member will help:

  • - Spread Joy to Millions. Each year, Guideposts Complimentary Publications Outreach program distributes, free of charge, millions of inspiring, faith-filled publications to people all over the world.
  • - Give Soldiers Hope and Courage. For over 64 years, Guideposts Outreach has been there, supporting the military. And today, more than ever, military Chaplains need resources on hang that will minister to the spiritual needs of our Troops.
  • - Comfort Hospitalized Children. Guideposts Comfort Kit is filled with special items to help turn a child's hospital stay into a less stressful time, including a cuddly stuffed star, crayons, and a journal that the kids can use to write down their feelings.
  • - Bring Hope Through the Power of Faith. Each and every prayer request that we receive is prayed for by name and need. From letters, phone calls, emails, and even Facebook posts, people are requesting prayer for their health, relationships, financial concerns, and more!
Create the spiritual life of your dreams as an active member of the Bible Club and help renew someone else's life as well. Together, we can make a positive impact on the world. 
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