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Strength & Grace Magazine

Daily devotions for caregivers—filled with reflections, prayer, and inspirational stories.

Strength & Grace Magazine - daily devotional for caregivers

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Strength & Grace Magazine - daily devotional for caregivers

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About Strength & Grace Magazine

Strength & Grace is a daily devotional magazine filled with reflections, prayer, and inspirational stories helping caregivers find inspiration, peace, and especially courage to meet each day. Each issue of Strength & Grace reaffirms the remarkable love that God has for all of us.

Intro from The Editors

Nobody has to tell caregivers that their job is a tough one. You're already well aware of that.

What you might need to hear, though, are some regular reminders of God's love for you...of the vital importance of the job you're doing...of the incredible blessings of caregiving in spite of the daily struggles. That's what Strength & Grace is all about—providing encouragement to help you face your challenges with confidence, hope, even joy.

These devotional readings will turn your thoughts to the unchanging wisdom of the Bible and its heavenly Author—who longs to write a success story for you. You'll find insights into the emotions you face and practical ideas for succeeding in this vital duty. You'll be refreshed by real-life triumphs of caregivers and gently challenged at times to make beneficial changes to your own attitudes and actions. We hope these devotionals are an encouragement along the way!

What's Included?

Your annual subscription includes:

  • * Six bi-monthly issues of Strength & Grace Magazine
  • * Handy bookmarks outlining each daily devotion
  • * A portion of each subscription goes towards supporting Guideposts Outreach programs

About Guideposts Outreach Programs

Guideposts Outreach touches millions of lives by bringing the message of faith and hope to people who need God's presence and promises. With your support, our programs can make a positive difference in people's lives both here in the U.S. and abroad. For millions, Guideposts Outreach is a trusted source that offers prayer support, inspiration and encouragement every step of the way along their life path.


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