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Special Blessings - Stories from Hope Haven - Book 13

Special Blessings
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About Stories from Hope Haven

The people of Hope Haven Hospital provide health-care support the way it is meant to be: top-botch, kind, loving, and complemented by friendship and God’s fellowship. Come live, love, pray, and hope with these amazing nurses as they face life-and-death challenges and stand in wonderment at the healing power of God’s grace.

Book Description

Special Blessings – Book 13

Candace Crenshaw is thrilled about her upcoming nuptials to Health Carlson but begins to realize just how much change it will represent for her family. Her mother announces she may move out in order to give the newlyweds their space, while her daughter expresses concern that her father is being replaced. Together, Candace and Heath help Brooke understand that creating a new family doesn’t mean forgetting the old one.

Meanwhile, Elena Rodriguez is busy planning her husband’s surprise fiftieth birthday party but notices Cesar seems less than enthusiastic about the big day. As he comes to terms with turning fifty, Elena wonders what she can do to show her husband that their best days are still ahead. At the Bell household, the time for Gideon to get serious about college is fast approaching, yet James and Fern worry their son may be compromising what’s best for his future in order to be near his girlfriend.

At the hospital, the staff is abuzz that Hope Haven has been nominated for the prestigious Quest for Excellence Award. Anabelle Scott joins in the excitement—that is, until she notices several discrepancies in the submitted application. What will she do? And what does this mean for Hope Haven’s chances?

About the Author

Award-winning author Anne Marie Rodgers has published more than forty novels since 1992, several o which have been best sellers. Her work for Guideposts includes stories in the series Tales from Grace Chapel Inn and Mystery and the Minister’s Wife.

Anne Marie has been involved in animal rescue and foster-care efforts for many years. After Hurricane Katrina, she volunteered at the Humane Society of Louisiana, saving animals left behind during evacuation efforts. She also has raised guide dog puppies. Anne Marie currently volunteers at a wildlife rehabilitation facility near her home in State College, Pennsylvania, where she cares for orphaned and injured animals, which are released into the wild after their health is restored. The experience has allowed her to get up close and personal with bobcats, fishers, bald and golden eagles, along with many other more common species.

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Author: Anne Marie Rodgers
Page Count: 291pages