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Shadows of the Past - Secrets of the Blue Hill Library - Book 2

Anne has stumbled upon an incredible discovery from Aunt Edie’s private historical book collection: an antique map of Pennsylvania with evidence that it could have been used by Lewis and Clark! Is the map legitimate, and if so, how did Aunt Edie manage to come across such a valuable artifact? Meanwhile, Anne’s son, Ben, has been acting odd as of late; he leaves home for extended periods of time, but always immediately comes home when Anne calls him. What is he hiding? Find out in Shadows of the Past, the exciting second book in the Secrets of the Blue Hill Library series! 
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About Secrets of the Blue Hill Library

Mysterious things happen as a young widow transforms her great-aunt’s historic Victorian mansion into the new town library. As Anne Gibson seeks a new life for herself and her children and fulfill her aunt Edie’s final wishes, she discovers new insights into Edie’s fascinating past and God’s plan for her family’s future.

Book Description

Shadows of the Past – Book 2

While cataloging books at the library, Anne stumbles on an old, yellowed map of Pennsylvania tucked inside the pages of a historical book from Aunt Edie’s private collection. When Anne studies the map, she sees markings that hint that it was used by Lewis and Clark! Could it really be authentic? And if it is, how did Aunt Edie come to possess a map that had been stolen from the now-defunct Blue Hill Historical Society one hundred years ago? Meanwhile, Anne’s son Ben starts disappearing for long periods of time, though he’s always close by and comes home when she calls. His furtive, increasingly strange behavior and—stranger still for a nine-year-old boy—frequent showering make Anne wonder what secrets her son is hiding from her.

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Author: Robin Caroll