Mornings with Jesus 2018

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Mornings with Jesus 2018
Start each day in 2018 focusing on the Living God! Each page in Mornings with Jesus 2018 contains a brief scripture & daily devotion that testify how Jesus’ life and teaching apply today. Filled with humor, humility, and grace, writers share insights that are easily relatable and will allow readers to experience a deeper relationship with Jesus.

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Mornings with Jesus 2018 Side Cover

Mornings with Jesus 2018 Soft Cover Edition

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Mornings with Jesus 2018 Side Cover

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Mornings with Jesus 2018 Side Cover

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About Mornings with Jesus 2018

Put the world on hold and step into the presence of Jesus, who gladly takes our burdens and stress and restores them with "the peace that surpasses understanding."

This uplifting daily devotional book includes 365 short five-minute readings that help you rest and recharge your spirit by putting your focus on the Living God. Each page begins with a Scripture quote, followed by an uplifting devotion that demonstrates how Jesus' life and teaching apply today. With humor, humility, and grace, the writers share insights that are easily relatable. 

Faith Step is also included for you to practice throughout the day. The Faith Step will inspire and challenge you to apply the day's message to your life.

For those who are seeking a deeper experience in their relationship with Christ, Mornings with Jesus 2018 offers a fresh perspective of who Jesus is and what that means for day-to-day life. As you focus on His truth, you will experience an abundance of blessings that spring from your ever-growing personal relationship with Him. With a warm and friendly voice, 365 short devotional writings on the character and teachings of Jesus encourage you to greet each day by drawing near to Him and inviting His presence into your day. Spend time with Jesus at the beginning of each day and experience His nearness and peace in a new way throughout the year.

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