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Dear Friends of Guideposts,


As you read this, our Soldiers, Sailors, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marines serve in tough, remote, difficult places around the globe. They protect the powerful promise of America. They do so, with steady hand and quiet assurance, to preserve the freedoms we hold dear.


In providing Guideposts inspirational literature, we bolster sacred purpose within military personnel, veterans and their families. Our Guideposts magazine, booklets based on the faith-filled values of Guideposts’ founder Dr. Peale, and the Daily Guideposts devotional directly impact those at military bases, medical centers, and veterans’ facilities worldwide.

The military these days is full of rapid change and transition for our military personnel--pending draw-downs, quick redeployments, reintegration into civilian life. While such changes are extremely difficult, they are also opportunities for growth. Spiritual resilience is crucial, and Guideposts Outreach publications can help.

Join me in prayer for our Armed Forces today. I ask you to remember our military veterans and family members who have shouldered the privilege of protecting and strengthening our Nation. We need your support! Your gift today says “I care,” and provides critical spiritual resources. Give whatever you can, but please, give today!

With gratitude,

Kenneth L. Sampson Chaplain (Colonel) US Army (Retired)


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