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Lean on Me - Stories from Hope Haven - Book 12

Lean on Me
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About Stories from Hope Haven

The people of Hope Haven Hospital provide health-care support the way it is meant to be: top-botch, kind, loving, and complemented by friendship and God’s fellowship. Come live, love, pray, and hope with these amazing nurses as they face life-and-death challenges and stand in wonderment at the healing power of God’s grace.

Book Description

Lean on Me – Book 12

After so much uncertainty, the hospital’s operating budget has officially reached the breaking point, and layoffs are imminent. James Bell, having recently ceded his seniority for a position in the new Holistic Cardiac wing, could be one of the unlucky ones. James can’t help questioning God’s plan for him, before receiving an important reminder from the unlikeliest of places that God have very special plans for him.

As a supervisor, Anabelle Scott is charged with laying off some good friends. The difficult task leads her to seriously contemplate retirement to spare a younger nurse’s job. Amidst the news, a jittery Heath tells Candace Crenshaw that they need to talk. What could it be about? Meanwhile, Elena Rodriguez’s granddaughter Isabel is struggling with her reading and may be held back as a result. Isabel’s parents, the constantly-at-odds Raphael and Sarah, end up rallying in a truly inspirational way for the benefit of their daughter.

At the hospital, a man who drink himself into a stupor denies he has a problem. What can the nurses do to help him realize there’s a better path, that God’s love can guide him through life’s trials?

About the Author

Leslie Gould is the author of eight novels, including five in Guideposts’ Home to Heather Creek Series. Leslie lives in Portland Oregon, with her husband and four children. Visit her Web site at .

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Author: Leslie Gould
Page Count: 285pages


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