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Laughing All The Way & Lord, How Did I Get This Old So Soon?

Put the world on hold and have a good-hearted laugh with humorist and inspirational writer, Karen O'Connor.

Karen’s musing and reflections on life, marriage, friendship, courage, resilience, aging and more, will help you bask in life’s funny side and view challenges as opportunities for praise and prayer.  Her witty perspective on everyday life will help you make new choices, take new chances, and open new joy-filled chapters in life. Best of all, you’ll feel as if you have a good friend at your side making you laugh, and cheering you on to face the future, confident in God’s love and provision.

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Laughing All The Way & Lord, How Did I Get This Old So Soon? - 2 Book Set - ePUB
Laughing All The Way & Lord, How Did I Get This Old So Soon? - 2 Book Set - ePDF (Kindle Version)

Product Description

About The 2-Book Set

Karen O’Conner shows you how to savor life’s sweetness by shining a light on funny moments and learning to laugh at the challenges of growing older. Her humor will melt your cares and leave a smile on your face.

In Laughing All The Way, Karen helps you keep the “blessings” of getting older in perspective with wit, wisdom, and practical insight. You’ll find whimsical observations on everything from married life to friendship, to grandchildren and pets that will keep you in a positive state of mind. Her hilarious encounters with modern technology will remind you that you are not alone in high tech struggles and that the modern age gives us plenty to laugh about.

 In Lord, How Did I Get This Old So Soon? You’ll feel like you are sitting at the kitchen table with Karen having a touching heart-to-heart conversation with God. Her reflections laced with humor will give you strength, and encouragement to brighten your day.  You are sure to enjoy her thoughts about family-life and be filled with gratitude for the people you love. Poignant stories drawn from her personal experiences will help you find opportunities for praise and worship in everyday life.


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Laughing All The Way
Format: ePUB & ePDF   Length 256 pages  Size5.5” x 8.5”

Lord, How Did I Get This Old So Soon?
Format: ePUB & ePDF  Length: 192 pages  Size 5.5” x 8.5”