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God's Joyful Surprise 2 Book Set

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God's Joyful Surprise 2 Book Set

In God’s Joyful Surprise, Sue Monk Kidd shares stories and advice from her walk with God. Experience the journey of a woman who learned that what God wants is not our work, but simply our attention. When life gets too busy or chaotic, you can achieve balance just by putting God at the center of your life. As you read on, you’ll learn how to be ‘human’ enough to accept your own limitations…how to rid yourself of negative attitudes quickly and easily…and how to show others the same love that God has shown you.

  • •Learn to read the scriptures in a whole new way

  • •The right way to meditate

  • •Know that even in the darkest of times, He will see you through

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God's Joyful Surprise, 2 Book Set

God's Joyful Surprise & 101 Moments of Joyful Surprises

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God's Joyful Surprise, 2 Book Set

God's Joyful Surprise & 101 Moments of Joyful Surprises - ePDF (iPad/Tablet version)

God's Joyful Surprise, 2 Book Set

God's Joyful Surprise & 101 Moments of Joyful Surprises - ePub (kindle/Nook version)


God’s Joyful Surprise is best-selling author, Sue Monk Kidd’s first book. It’s a stirring faith-based journey unlike anything you’ve ever taken before: A personal quest to know God while experiencing Him on the deepest, most intimate level. In these uncertain times, it’s more relevant today than ever before.

About the book

The story opens with Sue living life at a frantic pace, working furiously to be perfect at all times. To be Super Mom. Super wife. Successful career woman. Church pillar. Community helper.There was only one problem: Despite working hard to ‘earn’ God’s love, she didn’t know Him personally. Then one day, God came knocking on her door in a most unexpected way. It was during the Christmas season when Sue experienced chest pains. She had no idea that this scary situation would start her on an exciting spiritual adventure that would enable her to see God’s hand everywhere.

Nurture your faith in a whole new way.

Sue Monk Kidd’s journey is your journey. You’ll discover the joy of finding yourself loved by God—imperfections and all! It’s not a simple or superficial awareness of God’s love that’s straight out of a Sunday school sermon, but a profound, never-failing love that reaches to the depths of your soul…an intimacy with God’s presence that fixes whatever is broken in your life and makes it new and whole again.

Steeped in wisdom and written with power and poignancy, this book reveals how to ‘see’ that God’s love is truly everywhere—and that His hand is always at work in your life. You’ll be filled with awe and wonder knowing that God is constantly reaching out to you. Your faith will be nurtured in the assurance that He cares deeply for you and your loved ones.


A new understanding of God.

Sue Monk Kidd’s journey gave her a totally new understanding of who God is – and who she is as well. It took her to a spiritual retreat where she was challenged by a lack of welcome distractions. But in a place of loneliness, she found something new and wonderful – solitude. She discovered a simple, powerful truth – if you listen with the expectancy and anticipation of a child at Christmas time…if you listen with just your heart, you’ll hear His love songs and come face-to-face with Him at last.


God is always with you.

Can’t see Him? He’s there. You only need to envision daily reality in a new way. Open you heart and call out to Him. He’s there when you talk with a child. He’s there when you meet a stranger on a park bench. Look with faith, look at the smallest of things, and you’ll see God everywhere, in everything. You’ll know God is present even in His absence. So look with wonder. Not at things. But through them. Learn to make yourself one with creation and you’ll see creation and His love for you as wondrous gifts.

A special 30th anniversary edition.

God’s Joyful Surprise is completely updated to mark its 30th Anniversary. This beautiful, all-new hardcover book features a stirring special introduction by Sue Monk Kidd, and a gorgeous new design, both inside and out.


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