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Frozen in Time - Secrets of the Blue Hill Library - Book 22

Anne, Wendy, and Maggie are excited to unveil Blue Hill’s time capsule, in addition to a statue of Lois Stover—the first female Pennsylvanian architect registered in the state, as well as Aunt Edie’s role model. However, when both the capsule and the statue disappear, everyone wonders how such a heist could have taken place! Could it be that jewels are actually hidden inside of the statue like rumors suggest? Ben’s new hobby, however, could lead Anne straight to the answers everyone seeks, in addition to the culprit behind the theft.
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About Frozen in Time

Anne is helping Wendy Pyle and Maggie Sloan plan a ceremony for the opening of Blue Hill’s time capsule. The capsule is stored in a statue of Lois Stover, one of the town’s most famous citizens. Stover not only served as a special agent during World War I, she was the first female architect registered in Pennsylvania and provided inspiration for many of Aunt Edie’s adventures. But mere days before the ceremony, both the statue and its time capsule disappear! How did the thieves manage to steal the life-size statue right off its stone base? And why? Could rumors about a treasure trove of hidden jewels inside it be true?

Meanwhile, Ben desperately wants a metal detector, but Anne isn’t comfortable with the idea of her son wandering all over town, digging up dubious finds. Besides, metal detectors are expensive and they simply can’t afford one. When a neighbor offers to sell his used one for next to nothing, though, Anne can’t refuse. To her surprise, Ben’s new hobby might help solve the mystery of the missing statue.

About the Series
Welcome to Blue Hill, Pennsylvania, a place of rolling hills and charming Victorian homes. A place where neighbors greet neighbors with a welcoming wave and strangers soon become friends. Here, a gorgeous old house bequeathed by a beloved great-aunt becomes both a library and a home to young widow Anne Gibson and her two lively children. Here, where history and mystery, past and present come together, Anne must use her clever mind and flair for research to uncover the Secrets of the Blue Hill Library.