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For the Birds - Secrets of the Blue Hill Library - Book 19

Coraline’s Amazon parrot, Lorenzo, mysteriously appears at Liddie’s window one day; when Anne tries to return him, she discovers that Coraline’s house is empty and the front window is broken! Could this mystery be related to a chemical company’s efforts to seize a local bird refuge? Meanwhile, Anne finds a bird cage in the library attic that was originally used for carrier pigeons. Could Aunt Edie have owned them when she was alive? Find out in this cozy, intriguing adventure from Emily Thomas! 
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About Secrets of the Blue Hill Library

Mysterious things happen as a young widow transforms her great-aunt’s historic Victorian mansion into the new town library. As Anne Gibson seeks a new life for herself and her children and fulfill her aunt Edie’s final wishes, she discovers new insights into Edie’s fascinating past and God’s plan for her family’s future.

Book Description

For the Birds – Book 19

Coraline Watson brings her yellow-naped Amazon parrot to the library one night for the Birders Club meeting, and Liddie takes an instant liking to the beautiful bird. Anne doesn’t pay much attention to Coraline’s wild stories about spies from a nearby chemical company, until the next morning, when the parrot, Lorenzo, appears at Liddie’s window. Anne tries to return the bird, but Coraline’s house is dark and empty, the front window is broken, and no one knows where Coraline has gone. Did she stumble across some actual intrigue? Are her theories true about the chemical company trying to steal a local bird refuge for its own use? Or has Coraline managed to abscond with the Birders Club funds?

Meanwhile, Liddie is taken with Lorenzo and wants a parrot of her own. There’s even a cage in the attic it could live in. When Anne examines the cage, she realizes it was built for carrier pigeons. Did Aunt Edie own them? Anne’s research leads to a fascinating discovery in her great aunt’s past.

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Author: Kelly Ann Riley