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Flotsam & Jetsam - Mysteries of Martha's Vineyard - Book 24

Priscilla and Gerald’s preparations for their upcoming nuptials are interrupted when Gerald’s heirloom eighteenth century ship’s figurehead is stolen from the East Shore Historical Museum. While the police try to track down the culprit, elderly Alzheimer’s patient Tom Campbell claims he knows how it was done, but he doesn’t remember who did it or when. It soon appears, however, that the thief would rather get rid of the old man than have him remember too much. Can Priscilla find the figurehead and the thief before Tom is silenced forever? Meanwhile, when Gerald’s grandson surprises him with a puppy, Gerald wants to keep little Matey at Priscilla’s house until Gerald and Priscilla’s wedding. But with everything else going on in Priscilla’s life, this latest added burden makes her wonder—is she really ready to give up her independence and get married again?

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Priscilla Latham Grant has inherited a lighthouse! So with not much more than a strong will and a sore heart, the recent widow says goodbye to her lifelong Kansas home and heads to the quaint and historic island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. There, she comes face-to-face with adventures, which include her trusty canine friend, Jake, three delightful cousins she didn’t know she had, and Gerald O’Bannon, a handsome Coast Guard captain—plus head-scratching mysteries that crop up with surprising regularity.