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Ordinary Women of the Bible Book 7: Pursued by a King

Pursued by a King: Abigail’s Story by Elizabeth Adams & Diana Hinck Taylor

When her volatile husband offends the king, can Abigail trust God to work the situation out for her good?

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Pursued by a King: Abigail's Story

A SENSE OF UNEASE settles over Abigail as she learns of her father's choice for her husband. Something about the way Nabal of Maon looks at her makes her uncomfortable, but no amount of pleading can con-vince her father that there is more to Nabal than what they see. Abigail is sentenced to a life with a volatile, unpredictable man. When David, the rumored next king of Israel, approaches Nabal seeking the custom-ary kindness of strangers, Nabal turns him away, incurring the future king’s wrath. Abigail must be swift to act in order to save her household. Nabal collapses, never to rise again, upon hearing the news of David's wrath and Abigail's actions to appease the future king. And when David’s men appear at her doorstep with an offer of a new life, Abigail must choose between returning to her father’s home, or embark-ing on the adventure of a lifetime.

About Ordinary Women of the Bible Series

From generation to generation and every walk of life, God seeks out women to do His will. Scripture offers us but fleeting, tantalizing glimpses into the lives of a number of everyday women in Bible times—many of whom are not even named in its pages. In each volume of Guideposts’ Ordinary Women of the Bible series, you’ll meet one of these unsung, ordinary women face to face, and see how God used her to change the course of history.