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Theft and Thanksgiving - Secrets of the Blue Hill Library - Book 4

When elderly citizens in Blue Hill become the victims of identity theft, Anne can’t help but suspect that a mysterious woman—who has been asking Mildred Farley startlingly personal questions— may be behind the crime. Will her theory add up, or is there more to the woman in question than first meets the eye? Meanwhile, Anne has learned that her parents can’t visit for Thanksgiving. On top of that, her children’s friends cancel last-minute after being invited to her holiday dinner. Could this be Anne’s loneliest Thanksgiving ever? Is there always a silver lining to every debacle?
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Product Description

About Theft and Thanksgiving

Anne Gibson is alarmed when identity thefts leave elderly Blue Hill citizens with bank accounts drained and credit cards maxed out. When a mysterious young woman arrives at the library's first book club meeting and starts asking personal questions of Anne's friend Mildred Farley, Anne wonders if the stranger is behind the thefts. As Anne sets out to uncover the truth, she discovers that there is far more behind the woman's curious behavior than she could have ever imagined.

Meanwhile, when Anne learns that her parents can't come for Thanksgiving, she and her children plan a big dinner at the library for their new friends. But will their guests' last-minute cancellations make the family's first Blue Hill Thanksgiving a lonely one?

Book Details 

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 283 pages