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Mysteries of Silver Peak 2 Book Set: A Mountain of Mystery and Nobody's Safe

When Sadie’s old friend Edwin retires to his parents’ Victorian home, he finds a gorgeous antique wedding gown hidden in the attic. It’s in perfect condition, except for one important thing — a bullet hole in the bodice. When he shows it to Sadie, he also reveals another antique that suggests one of Sadie’s relatives knew how that bullet hole got there. As she is investigating the history of the dress, a mysterious visitor arrives who wants the gown — at any cost. Will the stranger be the key to unlocking the secret past of the dress? Will she uncover what happened to the bride so long ago?
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Book Description A Mountain of Mystery - Book 1

Known as Silver Peak’s “Antique Lady,” Sadie Speers loves owning and running her shop, the Antique Mine. When her high school sweetheart shows her an old wedding dress he found in his attic, Sadie guesses the dress belonged to her great aunt Rachel Wright, Silver Peak’s famous runaway bride, who was assumed to have died in 1897. But that’s not all Edwin reveals: there’s a hole in the bodice of the dress and a pistol inscribed with the initials of Sadie’s grandfather.

But Sadie isn’t the only one interested in the dress. A woman arrives in Silver Peak, claiming to be Sadie’s cousin, drawn to town by news of the dress. And Wade Marley, a descendant of Rachel Wright’s jilted bridegroom, demands that Sadie turn over the dress to him, as according to legend it contains the fortune Rachel stole from the Marley family when she fled. As Sadie searches for the truth, she must first discover what truly happened to Rachel Wright over 100 years ago…before the past catches up to her.

Series Description

Join in a Treasure Hunt with a Witty Antique Shop Owner Who Depends on Faith and Friends to Uncover Secrets from the Past.

Everyone in Silver Peak, Colorado, knows Sadie Speers as the town’s unofficial historian. The Antique Mine, her well-stocked antique shop, is a favorite of both locals and visitors alike in this historic mining town. Silver Peak’s past is full of mysteries, and no one is better at solving them than Sadie.

Leave your cares behind and head to the high country of Silver Peak, Colorado, for some super-sleuthing fun that will bring the history of the town to life. Follow the adventures of antique shop owner Sadie Speers as she digs into history to solve mysteries left behind in the items she sells. 

Dig deep into the pages of Mysteries of Silver Peak and lose yourself in the captivating suspense of a faith-filled novel set in a historic and beautiful mining town. Take a stroll down Main Street, flanked by stately 19th-century brick buildings and set against majestic snow-capped mountains. Wander into the Antique Mine and feel yourself drawn back in time.

Spark your curiosity with the first chapter of A Mountain of Mystery: 

Series Characters

Sadie Speers

Sadie Speers

Sadie is known for her quick wit, kindness, and jovial sense of humor. Her family owned a huge ranch just out of town until the Depression, when they were forced to sell off all but the beautiful farmhouse where Sadie now lives. She has run the Antique Mine since retiring from teaching and also serves on the board at Campfire Chapel and the Historical Preservation Council. She is spontaneous, a little impulsive, and generous with those she loves or who are in need. Her grandchildren are the center of her world, and she has many friends who are always dropping by to find out her latest mystery.

Roz Putnam

Roz Putnam

Roz is a retired teacher, and she is resourceful and quick to offer advice, whether requested or not. She has been Sadie's best friend since kindergarten and the two are like sisters. She and her husband Roscoe run the local hardware store and live in a small cottage on the edge of town. 

Edwin Marshall

Edwin Marshall

Long before Sadie met her husband; she had been going steady with Edwin. He left town and became a successful circuit judge. Now he is a retired widower and had moved back to renovate his parents' house. You can tell by the way he finds every excuse to run into Sadie that he would like to be her beau again.

Theo & Sara

Theo & Sara Macomb

At 17 and 14, Sadie's grandchildren like antiques, and often step in to help their grandmother and Roz with their sleuthing. Both are great at researching historical facts on the internet that help uncover the background of new acquisitions.

Alice Macomb

Alice Macomb

Alice is Sadie's daughter. She helps her mom in the shop on weekends along with her son, Theo, and daughter, Sara. She's a bit more introverted than Sadie, but shares her mom's love of solving mysteries.