Secrets of Wayfarers Inn - FULL SERIES

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Secrets of Wayfarers Inn - FULL SERIES
An aging bronze plaque on the doorpost marks the building as once being a pre-Civil-War stop on the Underground Railroad. Learn about Prudence Willard, farmer's wife and conductor on the Underground Railroad.

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When retired school teachers LuAnn Sherrill, Tessa Wallace, and Janice Eastman, decide to buy an inn built in 1851 and turn it into a café and bed and breakfast, someone is not happy. Strange things begin to happen in the building—handprints on a dusty mirror, a missing wallet—and who owns the gold earring? Realtor Bradley Grimes is helping them unravel the mystery when he finds one of his own. In a ledger from the 1800s he finds the name of his great-great-grandfather, Howard Bickerton, the man he’d always thought of as a hero in the Underground Railroad. But was he?


Prudence Willard, a farmer’s wife and conductor on the Underground Railroad, faces danger on a regular basis, but nothing is quite as frightening as witnessing what happened to Howard Bickerton—and keeping the knowledge to herself. Should she report Bickerton’s death and the man who assumed his identity, or remain quiet for the sake of the Cause?

Author Bios: 

Becky Melby—an award-winning Christian book author who enjoys writing dual-time stories where contemporary and historical characters are making a fresh start in life. Tomorrow’s Sun, the first book in her Lost Sanctuary series, is set in an 1850s house that sheltered slaves in their flight to freedom. She is excited to revisit this era as she introduces you to the secrets and mysteries of the Underground Railroad in The Wayfarers Inn series first book, Family Secrets, where she hopes you’ll fall in love with three delightful women who are making their own fresh-start journeys.


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