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Extraordinary Women of the Bible Book 6 - Woman of Redemption: Bathsheba's Story

Experience a journey of love and redemption in "Bathsheba: A Tale of Courage." As a young widow, newlywed, and queen, Bathsheba navigates a palace filled with intrigue and deceit, inspiring readers with her unwavering faith in the face of adversity. Experience an exciting historical novel enriched with biblical facts when you order today!

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Extraordinary Women of the Bible Book 6 - Woman of Redemption: Bathsheba's Story - Hardcover
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Woman of Redemption: Bathsheba's Story is the six book in the Extraordinary Women of the Bible historical fiction series.

When King David, a man “after God’s own heart,” first sees Bathsheba, he is overwhelmed by her beauty and takes action that will change Israel’s history—and Bathsheba’s future— forever. Now, alone in a palace of intrigue, Bathsheba must trust in the Lord, even when her new husband, God’s anointed king, has betrayed both her and God. Their firstborn son has just died, and Bathsheba is forced to make a difficult decision. Will she live with regret? Or will she push forward with purpose? Bathsheba must learn to navigate life as a young widow, newlywed, and queen with courage if she is to find a path to redemption.

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Their Lives Changed the World… Their Stories Will Change Your Heart.

Extraordinary Women of the Bible

There are many women in Scripture who do extraordinary things. Women whose lives and actions were pivotal in changing the course of history. This exciting ALL NEW historical fiction series, sheds new light on the stories of the most extraordinary women such as Ruth, Elizabeth, Deborah, Rahab, Bathsheba, Mary, and many more.

With excellent plots and superb writing that places you in the scenes with these heroines, you’ll feel as if each character is reaching out through the ages to share her wisdom with you.


  • Sit at the table with Mary, who knows life is about to change forever and marvel at her ability to push through her doubts and fear of the future.
  • Walk the dusty road with Ruth and Naomi, who have no money to buy food. They do not panic because they know God will provide.
  • Be there with Rahab as she defies the king’s orders and feel your heart race. Even when her family dismisses her, she presses on with what she knows is right.

You’ll feel like you are personal friends with these women. You’ll make a deep connection with them. Feel their joy. Weep with them. You’ll be there as they risk it all to follow God.

To make your reading even more fascinating, in the back of each novel you will find insights from the author, non-fiction commentary from a biblical scholar, and a Scripture page that reveals the excerpt from which our fiction story is derived.



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