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Blessings in Disguise - Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries - Series - Book 1

Cheryl, the new owner of the Swiss Miss Gift Shop in the quaint town of Sugarcreek, has observed something strange! Customers are requesting to buy various items that are not recorded in the store’s inventory. Could these items be a blessing from God as suggested by Cheryl’s friend, Naomi Miller, or are they a warning for things to come? Find out in this suspenseful novel that is sure to get you hooked on Cheryl's adventures with her new friends in Sugarcreek! Get this tote bag pictured free with your purchase of the continuity series or the hardcover edition of Blessings in Disguise!

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Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries - FULL SERIES
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Blessings in Disguise - Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries - Book 1 - HARDCOVER
Blessings in Disguise - Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries - Book 1 - EPDF (Kindle Version)
Blessings in Disguise - Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries - Book 1 - EPUB
Blessings in Disguise - Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries - Book 1 - Audiobook

Product Description

About the Series

A Riveting New Mystery Series Exclusively from Guideposts

If you’d told thirty-year-old Cheryl six months ago that she’d give up her secure banking job in Columbus, Ohio, to become a shopkeeper in a charming small town hailed as “The Little Switzerland of Ohio,” she certainly wouldn’t have believed you. However, with everything that has happened since, Cheryl decides to take her biggest leap of faith yet.

Together with her Siamese cat, Beau, Cheryl moves into Aunt Mitzi’s cozy little cottage in Sugarcreek and quickly settles into the routine of running the Swiss Miss gift shop, where all kinds of homemade gifts and food fill the shelves, and the aroma of candles, candy, and pungent cheeses fill the air.

As an “Englisher,” Cheryl finds it challenging to fit in among the Amish. And when mysteries unfold at every turn, she questions whether or not she’s cut out for the so-called “simple life.” Fortunately, she finds a good Amish friend and mentor in Naomi Miller, and together they put their trust in God as they join forces to unravel the clues.

Treat yourself to Guidepost’s Most Heartwarming Amish Mysteries — EVER!

Sit back and enjoy a vacation for your soul with Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries. This uplifting, fascinating, and inspiring series whisks you away to the scenic hillside of Ohio’s Amish country and draws you into the excitement as Cheryl and her Amish friend, Naomi, work together to solve highly intriguing mysteries.

These well-written stories of the strong bond that develops between two women of vastly different backgrounds and traditions will tug at your heartstrings and provide hours of entertainment, intrigue, and wonder. In addition to Cheryl’s keen insight and excellent riddle solving ability, you’ll love experiencing Naomi’s proverbial Amish wisdom and exploring her down-to-earth faith.

You’ll also be charmed by the real-life Amish community of Sugarcreek, Ohio, and explore the challenges they face as they cater to the constant stream of tourists while remaining true to their commitment to live a plain and simple lifestyle. You’ll explore Amish traditions such as their way of dress, their daily lifestyle without electricity, and the ways and workings of the Amish church, including their home-based worship services.

The Series Begins with…

Blessings in Disguise

As Cheryl takes inventory of the Swiss Miss gift shop stock and acclimates herself to her new surroundings amid petting zoos and corn mazes, she notices something peculiar happening. Some of the items that customers want to purchase from her store are not listed in her inventory.

Where are these quality products coming from? Is it, as Cheryl’s new friend Naomi Miller believes, that someone is sending her an anonymous blessing? If so, what is she to make of the menacing notes that keep surfacing, which warn her to “take care”…

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Meet the Characters

Naomi Miller

Cheryl’s newfound friend, 40-year-old Naomi Miller, supplies homemade jams, jellies, baked goods, and fudge for the Swiss Miss gift shop to supplement her family’s income. Married to Seth, Naomi has three stepchildren and three children of her own.

Seth Miller

Naomi’s husband, Seth, is a hard worker and good provider for his family. While he appears to be standoffish and serious, he is in fact full of wit and entrepreneurial ideas. He feels responsible for the fact that his daughter, Sarah, eloped with an “Englisher”.

Levi Miller

Seth Miller’s eldest son Levi, spends most of his time tending to the horses after being rejected by a young woman he grew up believing he would someday marry. Levi insists he has forsaken marriage…until he meets Cheryl Cooper. Still, a romantic relationship with an “Englisher” could never work. Or…could it?

Ben and Reuben Vogel

Years ago, Ben was shunned by the Amish (including his brother, Reuben) when he left the church. That’s why Ben and Reuben never speak to each other. They just meet at the Swiss Miss gift shop every other day to play checkers in silence.

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Get this adorable tote bag free with your purchase of Book 1 or the Continuity series!

Free Gift with Purchase!


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