Comfort Kit Donation For A Sick Child

Comfort Kit Donation For A Sick Child
Comfort Kit Donation For A Sick Child


You could be an angel of hope to a sick and hospitalized child!

A hospital stay can be quite frightening for anyone – but imagine how a child feels, being away from home and family, in a strange bed, not feeling well.

Hospitalized children need to be loved and touched by comfort. That’s why Guideposts Outreach has created the Comfort Kit - a small box with a huge impact. Distributed to children by the hospital chaplains, nurses, child life, or volunteers, the Comfort Kit is filled with special items to turn a child’s hospital experience into a meaningful time; and to fill it, to whatever extent possible, with joy.

Inside, the child finds a cuddly stuffed star named Sparkle, an “I’m Special” bracelet, stickers, a stress ball, crayons, a parent feedback card, a stand up prayer card and a personalized name tag to mount on the wall (so that doctors and nurses can call the child by their first name)—and best of all, a special journal that kids use to help them process their feelings and help them find the strength that lies within.

This much-beloved program has distributed over 100,000 Comfort Kits over the last six years. Medical staff members and parents especially are grateful for the way Comfort Kits really do provide a source of comfort and joy to the young patients. One parent shared:

  • “Logan is 2 years old and having the plush star from the Comfort Kit was a great comfort. He slept with it every night and it went into surgery with him. He also liked the stress ball. Thank you so much for the Comfort Kit! Logan’s father was just deployed to Afghanistan and Logan was facing emergency surgery all in the same week! The Comfort Kit helped us both and was much appreciated!”

With your help, we can reach children in their greatest moments of need. We can let them know that someone loves them—and that God in heaven loves them most of all. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support Guideposts for Kids Comfort Kits Outreach Program today!

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