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Mysteries of Cobble Hill Farm Book 2: Hide & Seek

Harriet Bailey returns a wandering bloodhound to Lord Beresford, White Church Bay's reclusive baron, and she finds him missing. As she investigates, dark secrets about his family unravel. Meanwhile, Harriet questions a journalist friend's motives as their connection leads to a story in the local newspaper. 

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Mysteries of Cobble Hill Farm Book 2: Hide & Seek - Hardcover

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Hide & Seek is the second book in the Mysteries of Cobble Hill Farm fiction series. 

When a gardener brings Harriet Bailey a beautiful purebred bloodhound he found wandering around—and trampling Miss Jane Birtwhistle’s roses—she discovers the dog belongs to Lord Beresford, White Church Bay’s own reclusive baron. But when Harriet goes to the manor to return the dog, the noble owner is nowhere to be found. Did he leave of his own free will, or is foul play involved? As Harriet searches for answers, she uncovers long-buried secrets about the baron and his family… secrets that might be better off staying hidden.

Meanwhile, at the encouragement of her Aunt Jinny, Harriet steps out of her comfort zone to meet new people. Gemma, a young and ambitious reporter, is clearly interested in getting to know Harriet. But when information Harriet told her new friend in confidence is published in the local paper, Harriet has to wonder: Is Gemma truly seeking her friendship, or is she merely using Harriet to get the latest scoop about the missing man?

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This exciting series from Guideposts is set in the charming, history-filled region of Yorkshire, England. Often called “God’s Own County” by the locals, you’ll fall in love with the area right along with newly transplanted Harriet Bailey. As she explores the rolling hills, marvels at the gardens that surround each cottage, and wanders through the ruins of old stone castles, she finds herself hoping she made the right decision when she moved here to take over her late grandfather’s veterinary practice. 

Harriet is just getting settled into her new life when a decades-old robbery threatens to ruin her practice—and, worse, her grandfather’s good name. You’ll be surprised and amazed at what happens when God’s gentlest messengers—the animals in Dr. Harriet Bailey’s veterinary care—start sniffing out clues and digging up long-buried secrets. 

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