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  1. Family Patterns - Patchwork Mysteries Series

    Family Patterns - Digital Versions - Patchwork Mysteries - Book 1

    Starting at: $7.99

    Sarah Hart, a widowed mother of two, has recently moved back to Maple Hill with her son Jason and his family. While restoring Jason’s new home, they discover a hidden passage containing an ancient quilt! As Sarah embarks on an investigation to uncover the secrets of the quilt, she realizes that it holds more secrets than she ever could have imagined.

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  2. The Prayer that Changes Everything / Heartfelt Prayers from Stormie: Large Print Edition

    The Prayer that Changes Everything & Heartfelt Prayers from Stormie: Large Print Edition

    Regular Price: $18.96

    Special Price: $5.98

    Exclusive Guideposts Editions of Stormie Omartian's Books on Prayer Learn More
  3. Women's Devotional Bible Side Cover

    Women's Devotional Bible

    Starting at: $16.96

    This most-loved devotional Bible just for Women helps readers apply God's Word to daily life. It includes a full year of all-new devotions written by women of God, plus features that make this Bible engaging, practical, and versatile including: a full year's worth of devotions written by women for women covering issues of family, faith and friendship, informative introductions to each book of the Bible, and more!

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  4. 10 Prayers You Can't Live Without Cover

    10 Prayers You Can't Live Without: How to Talk to God About Anything

    Starting at: $6.99

    GUIDEPOSTS Editor Rick Hamlin celebrates the idea that prayer isn’t something you “have to do,” but rather is something you “get to do.: Prayers is a gift that we can use on our own, anytime and anyplace. And yet we can deepen and enrich our personal prayer life by listening to the life-changing and heartwarming experiences of others, and finding out what Scripture has to tell us about the divine connection with our Heavenly Father.

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  5. Heavenly Company

    Heavenly Company

    Starting at: $9.99

    Expertly compiled by bestselling author Cecil Murphey, contained within this powerful book are the stories of individuals who have encountered angels, seen and unseen.


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  6. Back Home Again & Going to the Chapel Book Set

    Back Home Again/Going to the Chapel

    Regular Price: $8.49

    Special Price: $4.98

    Back Home Again/Going to the Chapel Learn More
  7. Charlie Bear & Heart to Heart Book Set

    Charlie Bear & Heart to Heart

    Regular Price: $16.96

    Special Price: $4.48

    Charlie Bear offers a loving tribute to a rescue dog that eventually sheds his headstrong ways, becomes a loving member of a family, and ultimately changes three lives forever. You'll ’ll meet a small dog with such a big history of misbehaving that he was labeled “unadoptable.” When B.J. Taylor saw his photograph, she knew he was the dog for her. In this charming story, you’ll follow Charlie Bear as he begins his new life, where he ferociously guards his food and toys, throws temper tantrums, and is sensitive to touch. Although B.J. doubts her sanity in adopting him, she is determined to make it work for the sake of her husband, who has fallen in love with the feisty mutt.

    In Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw a couple shares a dream of living a simple life in the beautiful Vermont countryside. They stumble through building their own log home and filling their little farm with animals. But these inexperienced homesteaders soon discover that their piece of paradise isn’t without challenges.
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  8. When Miracles Happen

    When Miracles Happen

    Starting at: $6.99

    In the pages of When Miracles Happen, you’ll be reminded of the times when God guided you, provided for your needs, and showed up in unexpected ways. Read about everyday folks, who in the midst of their trials, turn to God for hope, guidance, love, and healing. In the depths of emotional sadness or physical pain, or life-threatening circumstances, these people find a way to overcome, and discover new strength – often in the wake of surrender to something much greater and more powerful than themselves. You’ll find stories about mysterious strangers and miraculous rescues, astonishing pets, and moments of divine forgiveness and compassion. Learn More
  9. Chesapeake Antiques Mysteries Book Set

    Chesapeake Antiques Mysteries (2 Book Set)

    Starting at: $4.99

    In this warmhearted Guideposts original fiction series, widowed Miriam Maxwell returns to Chesapeake Bay to take over her late sister's antique store and reconnects with old friend Samuel Bentley. When Samuel buys a desk that belonged to Miriam's family for generations, a discovery hidden in a drawer sends the pair off on delightful adventures in mystery and history. Learn More
  10. The Daily Life Bible Cover

    The Daily Life Bible

    Starting at: $11.98

    Make reading the Bible a joyous, enlightening experience! God intended for everyone to understand His Word. He meant it to be spoken clearly, powerfully, and most of all, true. And yet many of us are occasionally frustrated or stuck in our Bible reading, either on a particularly difficult passage or an entire book of the Holy Bible that may seem impenetrable. The Daily Life Bible offers a precise, faithful new translation from the original Hebrew and Greek is filled with all God’s treasure and wisdom — made easier to read and easier to understand to readers of today. It uses familiar, up-to-date, everyday words that speak with warmth and clarity.

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