Something Borrowed - Digital Versions - Patchwork Mysteries - Book 27

With Sarah's wedding only a few days away, her friends from Maple Hill come together to create a friendship quilt as a wedding gift. Sarah's daughter, Jenna, brings along a quilt that Sarah made for her before her wedding, intending to donate one of the squares to Sarah's gift. However, before anything can happen, Jenna's quilt is stolen! Who would want to steal a family heirloom with no real material value? Is there someone close to home who is hiding a dark secret? Meanwhile, on Sarah's wedding day, she comes to the realization that love is the most important aspect of life that is worth celebrating.
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About Patchwork Mysteries

Sewing up loose threads is her specialty…Meet Sarah Hart, an expert in vintage quilt restoration who has a knack for piecing together mysteries. Whether she’s creating a Log Cabin quilt or delving into a real log cabin to find a clue, her keen eye and gentle faith always lead her in the right direction. Sarah understands that the key to making an intricate quilt—or solving an intricate mystery—is knowing how to put it all together.

About Something Borrowed
The big day is almost here! As Sarah finishes final preparations for her wedding to Liam, her family and friends gather to work on a friendship quilt that they’re making as a gift. Her daughter Jenna arrives, bringing the quilt Sarah made for her when she got married, and plans to sew one of the squares into Sarah’s friendship quilt. But when Jenna’s heirloom wedding quilt disappears from the church, Sarah must track down who stole it. What could someone want with this piece of family history? Is there something in it that they don’t want discovered?

As Sarah prepares to marry Liam, she reconsiders what it means to be a family and remembers that it is—and always has been—love that ties them all together.

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Author: Camy Tang
Page Count: 316 pages


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