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  1. Spiritual Remedies Hardcover

    Spiritual Remedies

    Starting at: $7.99

    Spiritual Remedies will heal your soul with the power of prayer and faith. This brand-new book relieves 35 conditions using the combined wisdom of spiritual experts with dozens of useful, quick-to-apply spiritual tips. Spiritual Remedies will reconnect you with God, while lifting your spirits during any kind of health challenge you may face.

    Spiritual Remedies Will Help Tackle Life’s Major Issues:
    • 12 pillars that lead to healing through faith
    • Coping with 7 serious illnesses & physical challenges
    • How to deal with conflict in the 5 major relationships in your life
    • Overcoming 10 types of emotional challenges
    • Ways to face 4 types of social challenges
    • 13 Traits to develop that move us in the right spiritual direction

    You’ll receive 3 FREE booklets with your purchase of Spiritual Remedies; with additional quick and easy ways to relax, lift your spirits, and reconnect with God. Learn More
  2. Prayer Works by Rick Hamlin

    Prayer Works

    Starting at: $12.99

    "Do you know God?" It was a simple but life-changing question. As Rick Hamlin stumbled over an answer, the minister who had asked the question continued, “You can’t know God unless you spend time with him.” That encounter set Rick on a journey to know God through prayer. The prayer practice he developed not only became the foundation of his life, but also led others to look to Rick for guidance on how to pray. For years, Rick prayed through the joys and trials of his own life, and for the needs and desires of others. But when a mysterious and severe health crisis left him unable to pray, it was his turn to depend on the prayers of family, friends, and even strangers. Prayer Works, which explores events that took place decades apart, shows Rick coming full circle—from learning how to pray, to learning how to be prayed for. This inspiring story reveals the healing power of surrendering control, and how God can use our darkest times to bring us closer to him and to his people. Plus, get a FREE booklet ($6.99 value) written by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale with your purchase!

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  3. Daily Guideposts 2020

    Daily Guideposts 2020

    Starting at: $7.99

    Celebrating over 40 years as America’s favorite annual devotional, Daily Guideposts 2020 offers a Scripture verse to bless each day of the year, accompanied by an inspiring true story that shares the ways God speaks to us through ordinary events in life, as well as an original prayer to acknowledge God's greatness and ask for His blessing. For a deeper biblical connection, you will also find further reflection in the 'Digging Deeper' section offering additional Scripture references.

    With more than 20 million copies sold – join our family of readers and writers brought together by a common faith and united by heartfelt prayers.


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  4. Mornings with Jesus 2020

    Mornings with Jesus 2020

    Starting at: $7.99

    Start each day with encouragement for your soul! Each page in Mornings with Jesus 2020 contains a brief Scripture quote, followed by an uplifting devotion that demonstrates how Jesus’ life and teaching apply today. Filled with humor, humility, and grace, writers share insights and reflections that you can relate to. You’ll also find Faith Steps that you can practice throughout your day to help carry the words of Jesus with you and make them real in your life.

    Plus you’ll receive a complete set of 12 Faith Step Cards completely FREE. 

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  5. The Jesus Bible

    The Jesus Bible

    Starting at: $9.99

    Now There’s a Bible That Reveals The Presence and Power of Jesus from Genesis to Revelation.

    The Jesus Bible beckons you to think about Jesus and the Bible in a new way by highlighting connections to Jesus and revealing His presence throughout the old and new testaments. Not just in prophesies, but also in the symbolism and meaning of events. He is in the garden… He is the Passover lamb in Exodus…  He is the promises in Isaiah…  And, He is the Alpha and Omega in Revelation, and more.

    Perfect to read consecutively, or dive in anywhere and be thrilled by a timely revelation about who Jesus is in a particular book, chapter, or verse. As you reveal Jesus throughout Scripture, God’s Word will come alive, and you’ll feel the nearness of the Jesus in a whole new way. Get your copy of The Jesus Bible today.

    Order Now And Get 25% OFF Comparable Retail!

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  6. Joys of Christmas 2019

    The Joys of Christmas 2019


    The Joys of Christmas 2019 is a special full-size edition from the editors of Guideposts. This big, bright and glossy magazine brings you page after page of the things you love best about Guideposts: heartwarming, inspirational stories, meditations for both personal and family devotional time, and faith and family traditions.

    The Joys of Christmas is the perfect gift to awaken the Christmas spirit in anyone on your Christmas list. In the words of Edward Grinnan, “It’s not the value of the gift, but the love with which it is given that makes it unforgettable.” Lift your spirit with this year’s The Joys of Christmas 2019! Learn More
  7. What Prayer Can Do Book Cover

    What Prayer Can Do

    Starting at: $7.99

    When you practice your faith, prayer is an essential part of your life. But most people don’t truly understand all that prayer can do. That’s why the Editors of Guideposts have created the ultimate guide to prayer. What Prayer Can Do reveals the many wondrous ways prayer enhances and promotes a more abundant life. Can your prayers change the course of events? How do you know if God is listening to you? And how do you pray when you can’t find the words? What Prayer Can Do explores these questions and more through inspiring true stories of answered prayers, practical steps to find God’s goodness, peace, and guidance through prayer, and advice to improve your prayer life. This brand-new book will hearten you and help you sense the reality of the Living God who cares for you more than you will ever know.

    FREE with purchase, Dr. Normal Vincent Peale’s A Prayer for Every Need.

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  8. The Prayer Bible Side Cover

    The Prayer Bible

    Starting at: $24.96

    The Prayer Bible makes it easy and uplifting to read Scripture through the lens of prayer with several unique features, such as:
    • Prayer Prompts on every page inspire you to pray the truths of Scripture. 
    • Prayer Paths lead you to a more intimate prayer life. 
    • Quotes and Hymns about prayer remind you that God is listening to and answering your prayers. 
    • Inspiring first-person stories about answered prayers can help you deal with life’s difficulties. 
    • Prayer Programs guide you through various topics on prayer—intercessory prayer, praying when distressed, and much more.
    Get these beautiful notecards free with your purchase of the softcover edition!

    Preview The Prayer Bible Free! Click here.

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  9. The Woman's Study Bible Cover

    The Woman's Study Bible

    Starting at: $29.97

    The Woman’s Study Bible is the perfect gift for all the women in your life. It makes an encouraging gift for friends, sisters, mothers, aunts, and anyone who wants to explore God’s Word through the lens of His respect for women. God’s love shines through on every page and offers spiritual refreshment for your heart. Enjoy the word of God in a beautiful Bible written for a woman’s heart.

    Plus, FREE with your purchase you will also receive this wonderful gift: A Devotional containing 30 wonderful daily reflections to help center you and start your day. Learn More
  10. Waiting for Wonder & Wrestling with Wonder Book Set

    Waiting for Wonder & Wrestling with Wonder Book Set

    Starting at: $10.98

    Waiting for Wonder: Join author Marlo Schalesky on a unique, contemplative journey to reveal the wonder that is often missed in everyday life, by examining the life of Sarah in the Bible, one who knows what it means to wait. Discover God through disappointment, doubt, detours, and the “not yet” places of life.

    Wrestling with Wonder: Come, join Mary, Jesus’ mother, on a journey of discovery. Hear the angel’s call, walk the long road to Bethlehem, witness the birth in a barn, search for a lost son, kneel at the foot of a cross, and experience the wind of the Spirit. Walk with Mary and find your own journey in hers.

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