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  1. Women's Devotional Bible Side Cover

    Women's Devotional Bible

    Starting at: $16.96

    This most-loved devotional Bible just for Women helps readers apply God's Word to daily life. It includes a full year of all-new devotions written by women of God, plus features that make this Bible engaging, practical, and versatile including: a full year's worth of devotions written by women for women covering issues of family, faith and friendship, informative introductions to each book of the Bible, and more!

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  2. The Prayer Bible Side Cover

    The Prayer Bible

    Starting at: $24.96

    The Prayer Bible makes it easy and uplifting to read Scripture through the lens of prayer with several unique features, such as:
    • Prayer Prompts on every page inspire you to pray the truths of Scripture. 
    • Prayer Paths lead you to a more intimate prayer life. 
    • Quotes and Hymns about prayer remind you that God is listening to and answering your prayers. 
    • Inspiring first-person stories about answered prayers can help you deal with life’s difficulties. 
    • Prayer Programs guide you through various topics on prayer—intercessory prayer, praying when distressed, and much more.
    Get these beautiful notecards free with your purchase of the softcover edition!

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  3. The Woman's Study Bible Cover

    The Woman's Study Bible

    Starting at: $29.97

    The Woman’s Study Bible is the perfect gift for all the women in your life. It makes an encouraging gift for friends, sisters, mothers, aunts, and anyone who wants to explore God’s Word through the lens of His respect for women. God’s love shines through on every page and offers spiritual refreshment for your heart. Enjoy the word of God in a beautiful Bible written for a woman’s heart.

    Plus, FREE with your purchase you will also receive this wonderful gift: A Devotional containing 30 wonderful daily reflections to help center you and start your day. Learn More
  4. Waiting for Wonder & Wrestling with Wonder Book Set

    Waiting for Wonder & Wrestling with Wonder Book Set

    Starting at: $21.96

    Waiting for Wonder: Join author Marlo Schalesky on a unique, contemplative journey to reveal the wonder that is often missed in everyday life, by examining the life of Sarah in the Bible, one who knows what it means to wait. Discover God through disappointment, doubt, detours, and the “not yet” places of life.

    Wrestling with Wonder: Come, join Mary, Jesus’ mother, on a journey of discovery. Hear the angel’s call, walk the long road to Bethlehem, witness the birth in a barn, search for a lost son, kneel at the foot of a cross, and experience the wind of the Spirit. Walk with Mary and find your own journey in hers.

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  5. The Bible Club

    The Bible Club

    Starting at: $10.00

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  6. Know the Words of Jesus & Know the Bible in 30 Days Book Set

    Know The Words of Jesus & Know The Bible in 30 Days

    Regular Price: $18.96

    Special Price: $12.96

    J. Stephen Lang takes you on the ultimate journey to knowing and understanding the words of Jesus and Bible, better and deeper than you ever have before, in 30 detail-rich days (or chapters). Organized from Jesus’ boyhood through his ministry and resurrection, it delves into the sayings of Christ, including his sometimes hard-to-understand parables and teachings, conversations with his disciples, miracles, healings and even scuffles with the Pharisees.

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  7. Guideposts Bible Companion Book Cover

    Guideposts Bible Companion

    Starting at: $4.99

    Reading the Bible is a truly rewarding experience. It helps you foster your relationship with God, with your family and your community. The powerful stories fill your life with meaning, and are a constant source of comfort, hope, and inspiration.

    Now, the Guideposts Bible Companion makes your Bible come alive in ways you may have never imagined. The 6 easy-to-read sections are filled with hidden gems that shed amazing new light on all the important stories and events. The clear, conversational writing style helps make complicated biblical concepts easy to understand. The historical accuracy and fascinating background information make every word and every phrase become so much more clear and meaningful. Learn More
  8. Navigate: How the Bible Can Help You in Every Aspect of Your Life

    Navigate: How the Bible Can Help You in Every Aspect of Your Life

    Starting at: $9.99

    Using the Bible as his guide, Dr. Peale shares a powerful road map for navigating life's problems, helping readers find new confidence and purpose, conquer stress, and strengthen everyday relationships.

    Millions of readers credit Dr. Peale with transforming their lives through positive faith-filled worship, prayer, true stories and applying the power of Christ's love in everyday life. Rev. Billy Graham said of him: 'Dr. Norman Vincent Peale was one of the most joyous, encouraging and thrilling Christians I have ever known.'

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  9. A Closer Walk with Jesus Cover

    A Closer Walk with Jesus (eBooks)

    Starting at: $9.99

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  10. Mornings with Jesus Daily Bible - Cover Image

    Mornings with Jesus Daily Bible

    Starting at: $24.96

    Mornings with Jesus Daily Bible stands out from other Bibles because it is divided into daily readings so you can read through the entire Bible in one unforgettable year, AND because it includes a devotion each day. You’ll love being guided and enlightened by God’s Word, while being refreshed by encouraging reflections written by our special family of writers.  Day by day, you can effortlessly and joyously read through the complete Bible from Genesis to Revelation, while also receiving a powerful reflection about Jesus that ties into the Scripture.

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