To a Tea - Tearoom Mysteries - Book 3

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To a Tea - Tearoom Mysteries - Book 3
When a well-traveled individual with an interesting past applies for a job at Jan and Elaine’s tearoom, the cousins can only think that nothing is as it seems. On top of this, just as the tearoom prepares to host its first wedding, the groom mysteriously disappears! Could this be related to a recent bank robbery in town? As Jan and Elaine investigate the mysterious series of events, one can only wonder… will these cases ever be solved, or are they chasing dead ends? Find out in To a Tea, another cozy offering from Lancaster, Maine!
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To a Tea Book Cover

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To a Tea Book Cover

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To a Tea Book Cover

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About To a Tea

Business is booming at Tea for Two, so cousins Elaine Cook and Jan Blake decide to hire more help. When Elaine interviews a dapper Englishman with a résumé full of important jobs around the world, she can’t help but wonder, Why does he want to work here?
As the tearoom readies its first wedding, Elaine’s concerns are quickly over shadowed by the groom’s sudden disappearance. Cold feet or foul play? The distraught bride turns to the cousins, who spring into action to find the missing groom.
To make matters worse, a local bank is robbed. Could the two incidents be related? Elaine and Jan set out in different directions to solve the mystery—even taking Jan to the town’s biker bar!
Before long, it becomes clear that the cousins are unraveling the same thread from different ends. The question is, will they meet in the middle?

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Titles in Tearoom Mysteries 

Tearoom for Two (Book 1)

Inspired by their grandmother, cousins Elaine and Jan decide to open Tea for Two, a lakeside tearoom where they can serve up cups of comfort to their patrons. When they buy a teapot at a flea market, the dealer tries to buy it back, and then a woman starts snooping around their house. Is she after the teapot, or the elegant piece of jewelry the electrician found in a wall? Then a would be thief nearly gets away with stealing their property from a restorer’s shop. When Elaine is threatened by a midnight burglar, it’s time for extreme action. Determined to make a success of their venture, the cousins press on in faith, uncovering many surprises and family secrets as they settle into the community and grow their new business together.

Tea Rose (Book 2)

Rose Young, a waitress at Tea for Two, comes to Elaine and Jan in distress. Her mother died recently, and in cleaning out her house, Rose found a death certificate — for herself. The document says she died when she was a year old. Rose knows very little about her mother’s past; and this death certificate suggests that events at the beginning of Rose’s life were even more mysterious. She doesn’t feel she can truly lay her mother to rest without understanding what happened decades ago. What could this death certificate mean? What happened when Rose was a year old — and what part did her mother play in it? It takes all of the cousins’ combined skills to sort out this confusing and eerie puzzle.

To a Tea (Book 3)

Elaine and Jan are preparing the tearoom for their first wedding reception, when the groom’s mother comes to Jan for help. Willa’s son, Ryan, a former Marine, has vanished. She doesn’t know where he went. He won’t answer either her or his bride-to-be’s phone calls, and the wedding is only a week away! Willa begs Jan and Elaine to help find her son before the big day. The cousins set out to discover: is Ryan simply experiencing cold feet, or is there something — or someone — more dangerous at work?

Crossroads and Chamomile (Book 4)

Burning Secrets (Book 5)

And there’s more to come… including High Tea, Time to Steep, and Tea Cakes!