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Their Mysterious Ways Too

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Their Mysterious Ways Too


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Their Mysterious Ways Too

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About The Book

In this collection of true stories, you'll meet dogs, cats, horses, birds, lizards and other surprising creatures who share their love with us.  Indeed, God knows our needs and how best to help us...sometimes with a furry face or a funny squirrel.

Has the companionship of an animal lifted your spirit in times of sadness? Has the love of a pet helped you turn your life around? Has your faith been strengthened by the presence of a living thing who seems to have been sent by God? Has a creature made you aware of the joy found in the larger world around you? If so, you will be deeply touched and moved by the accounts in this book.

You will meet pets who are part of the family, wildlife who bring reassurance at times of uncertainity and animals who seem to know what we need. As you read these tales, you'll find comfort, humor and knowledge that God's love extends to all His creatures - human and animal.

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Each story will linger in your heart, helping you to:
- Draw parallels and possibilities in your own life

- Bring you strength and encouragement

- Understand how God never leaves us alone

- Learn how animals open us to love

- Find renewed thanksgiving with all of God's creatures

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