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Tales From Grace Chapel Inn - Series



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Just one visit, and you'll call Acorn Hill home, too!

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About Tales From Grace Chapel Inn

Journey with us to Acorn Hill where the Howard sisters reunite after their beloved father's death, and find they share an inheritance of their childhood home.  Initially, the sisters have different views on how to use their father's gift.  But all three sisters come together and remember home as a place where their curiosity was encouraged, and their dreams fostered, and this memory inspires them in their decision to convert their childhood home into a bed and breakfast, lovingly named Grace Chapel Inn.  When guests of the inn meet these special sisters, they have an overwhelming sense that they have arrived home.  And so will you.

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Back Home Again
Author: Melody Carlson
Hardcover: 224 pages
Back home again

Once you visit the charming village of Acorn Hill, tucked away in rural Pennsylvania, you'll never want to leave. Townsfolk relax on their porch swings or gather to discuss the day's events at the Coffee Shop over homemade pie. It's the kind of town where friendship and faith flow together like a wide river on a fine spring day. However, the sleepy is in quite a surprise. After Daniel Howard, the adored minister of Grace Chapel, passes away, his three spirited daughters come home to remember their father and find out that each has inherited a share of his run-down Victorian house. Louise dreams of a small music conservatory , Alice thinks it would be erfect for a youth ministry, and Jane would like to open a restaurant. The squabbling begins…as does a brilliant solution to the sisters' dilemma. Grace Chapel Inn - a unique bed-and-breakfast - is born and a new life begins for them all. 


Other Books in the Series
The series continues with…

Going to the Chapel

Author:  Rebecca Kelly

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 201

Series: Tales from Grace Chapel Inn, Book # 2

Who will become the new minister of Grace Chapel? The church board can't stop squabbling, and every week the congregation hears a sermon from a different minister. Finally, a charming man is appointed to take over the pulpit, but the townspeople offer him a chilly reception. During his stay at the inn, the sisters slowly warm up to him. But willhe win over the townsfolk - and Aunt Ethel - as well?

Followed by…

Recipes and Wooden Spoons

Author: Judy Baer

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 264

Series: Tales from Grace Chapel Inn, Book # 3

While rummaging around in the basement, jane comes upon a old cookbook filled with recipes and notes in her mother's beautifully scripted handwriting. She has long endured the sadness of knowing that her mother, Madeleine, lost her life in giving birth to her. And the deep regret jane feels over her mother's absence has never left her. So you can imagine the excitement Jane experiences when she discovers she shares a love of cooking with her. Janes decides to experience with some of her mother's recipes. Through her mother's recipes, Jane begins to win the affection of Louise and Alice, who had been distance from her since she was a little girl.

Additional Books in the Series:

4. Hidden History
5. Portraits of the Past
6. Winter Wonderland
7. Home for the Holidays
8. Slices of Life
9. Mid Summer Melody
10. Something Old, Something New
11. We Have This Moment
12. All in the Timing
13. Promises to Keep
14. The Price of Fame
15. The Pipe Organ
16. Prayers & Pawprints
17. Tempest in a Teapot
18. Life is a Three Ring-Circus
19. Mystery at the Inn
20. Tally ‘Round the Flag
21. The Spirit of the Season
22. Small Town Reality
23. The Kindness of Strangers
24. The Start of Something Big
25. Going, Going, Gone
26. Spring is in the Air
27. Amazing Grace
28. Rosemary for Remembrance
29. Autumn Tales
30. The Time of Their Lives
31. Never Give UP
32. Fond Memories, Fresh Beginnings
33. Summer Breeze
34. Reading, Writing and Riddles
35. They Also Serve
36. Sing a New Song
37. Saints Among Us
38. In Her Sister’s Footsteps
39. Ready to Wed
40. Building Bridges
41. Talk of the Town
42. The Way We Were
43. Eyes on the Prize
44. Empty Nest
45. Steady and Slow
46. As Time Goes By
47. Keeping the Faith
48. Christmas Memories
49. Christmas Traditions

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