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When Miracles Happen: Miracles and Mysterious Visitors

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True stories of angel's guidance and protection

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About the Series

When Miracles Happen is a Guideposts book series of true stories that celebrate and attest to God’s extraordinary presence in our lives. A vivid dream, a sudden urge, a strange coincidence, a voice that comes from nowhere: Are they just a coincidence? Find out for yourself and see whether your faith is changed

Miracles and Mysterious Visitors

Shimmering white robes, golden halos and powerful wings are our images of angels. Yet could it be that God's messengers are closer to our everyday world than we realize?

In Miracles and Mysterious Visitors, you'll discover astonishing and moving real-life stories that reveal the truth about angels and the many forms they take in our lives today.

True Stories Include:
- A young woman, desperately wrestling with a life that has gone down the wrong track, senses a gentle presence urging her to read the Bible
- A mother swimming after her daughter who is swept down a rushing river, grabs the girl by a luminous white dress she hadn't been wearing
- A volunteer at a homeless shelter finds her faith renewed by one of its matrons, a true earth angel

Angels are everywhere. Just like God's love, they come to us only if we take the time to receive them.

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Product Details

Page Count: 223
Trim Size: 5 1/8" x 8 1/8"

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