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Ten Prayers/Travel Guide to Heaven

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Get better results from prayer and anticipate heaven with greater joy!


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Why does God answer some of our prayers and not others?

Develop a deeper connection to God and lead a full and satisfying prayer life with this Editors' Choice two-book set, Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To: Divine Answers to Life's Most Difficult Problems and A Travel Guide to Heaven.

Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To
Learn to pray more effectively!
Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To
is a book about prayers that really, truly work—prayers God says yes to all the time. Are there such prayers? You bet there are! Thoughtful and practical, simple yet profound, the insights in this book will change the way you pray to God — and in doing so, change your life!

"How would you like to have incredible, unshakable faith — the kind that could withstand any crisis and any amount of suffering? The wisdom to solve all the problems you'll ever face in life? How would you like to have peace — the kind of deep inner tranquility that can carry you safely and smoothly through all of life's problems? All these things can be yours, and all you have to do is ask." — Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To

A Travel Guide to Heaven
Tour heaven and explore its mysteries!

In A Travel Guide to Heaven, author Anthony DeStefano undertook a thorough, comprehensive search of what heaven is really like. Using the Bible as his guide, he set out to look for clues. The results he found will be the best trip you ever take! Get ready for a high-flying preview that will give you a fresh perspective on life and the hereafter!

"Heaven is a pleasure palace, a fairyland, a nature preserve, a ?city, shining on a hill,' a great big family reunion, and a never-ending vacation, all rolled into one. It's the ultimate adventure for travelers of all ages, and a place of supreme happiness for the entire human race. And the best news is that after we finish our lives here, we can all go there — if we choose." — A Travel Guide to Heaven

Editorial Reviews

"Books on prayer are legion, most often focusing on why we should pray and how to do it correctly. DeStefano, author of A Travel Guide to Heaven, offers readers a refreshing look at this evergreen topic by focusing on 10 prayers God 'always' answers. 'Why don't people take advantage of prayers that work? One big reason is that they are so caught up in prayers that don't always work,' says DeStefano. He offers readers this guarantee: 'before you even get to the last page of this book, your life will begin to change before your eyes.' Prayers include 'God, show me that you exist,' 'God, forgive me,' 'God, give me courage' and 'God, lead me to my destiny.' DeStefano uses the Christian Bible as the foundation for his work, not offering quick fixes but instead expounding on the need for true repentance, right motives and genuine commitment. More conservative camps will most likely cluck at what they see as DeStefano's lack of firmness about salvation as a prerequisite to both heard and answered prayer, but a careful reading shows that the author understands faith, not selfishness, is the foundation for these prayers. His cheerful style and heartfelt faith make this an optimistic look at a timeless subject."

Publishers Weekly (May)

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"Why are some of our prayers answered while some are not? How do we get God's attention? How do we get the divine ?Yes'? In a simple, straightforward style, Anthony DeStefano takes on the mysteries of prayer. He casts a wide net to appeal to all Christians everywhere without compromising the gospel one iota. The title alone, Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To, will attract even people who aren't believers but who cry out for help in the night. For them, the first prayer: ?God, show me that you exist' can be a life-changer. But don't stop there. Read it all. It could revolutionize your prayer life."

Pastor Jack Hayford

President, International Church of the Foursquare Gospel

Founding Pastor, The Church on the Way

"Polls tell us that most Americans believe in prayer. However, most admit they don't spend much time praying, nor do they think it is very productive. This remarkable book (Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To) can make a difference for anyone who wants to pray with results. Anthony DeStefano shares insights on prayer that are practical, workable, and attainable. Everyone can profit from reading this book!"

Dr. Paul Cedar

Chairman, CEO, Mission America Coalition

"Do we really need another book on prayer? We certainly need this one! Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To is remarkably different and refreshingly direct. It takes the reader straight to the heart of the issue of answered prayer and leaves him or her there wanting more—of God, of course. This book will go on my shelf beside the great classics on prayer."

Dr. Dick Eastman

President, Every Home for Christ

President of America's National Prayer Committee

"Anthony DeStefano has once again drawn his readers into the mystery of God's love and invited us to reflect more deeply on our relationship with Him. In a simple yet profound way, Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To offers insights, and indeed a practical wisdom, that will resonate with anyone who has ever struggled with personal prayer. I recommend this book to any and all who are searching for a fresh perspective on the meaning and value of a life of prayer, and, ultimately, for a more fulsome encounter with the Living God."

Cardinal Renato Raffaele Martino

President, Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace

The Vatican

"Forget angels playing harps. In this fascinating, comforting book, (A Travel Guide to Heaven) DeStefano takes the reader on a tour of heaven, painting it as a dynamic place of unlimited joy, and using Scripture and dramatic imagination to fill in details about the afterlife. 'God doesn't throw away the good things he creates,' he writes, an idea which is the basis of many of his speculations about heaven. Heaven is a tangible place, believes DeStefano, and at least part of it will be a transformed new earth. People will have their own recognizable bodies, only perfected. DeStefano tackles tough questions about heaven, including the role of angels, the measurement of time, marriages and whether pets will be there ('Of course!'). Fears of boredom are dispelled with his depictions of possible activities ('How about a tour of the Andromeda galaxy?') and creative work ('Books will be written and read, public structures will be built and utilized'). However, he writes that nothing will compare with the thrill of meeting God, the source of true happiness. DeStefano persuasively argues that the idea of heaven is a positive force on earth, since 'faith in God and heaven makes you more interested in what you do in this life—not less.' He is neither an academic nor a professional theologian, which gives the book its delightfully conversational tone and frees him to conjecture without restraint. Many readers will find DeStefano's solid Christian framework reassuring and his exciting picture of heaven compelling."

Publishers Weekly

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About the Author

Anthony DeStefano has received many prestigious awards from religious organizations throughout the world for his efforts to advance Christian beliefs in modern culture. He lives in Long Island with his wife Kimberly.

Product Details
Product Details

Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To

Author: Anthony DeStefano
Page Count:
Trim Size: 5 1/4" x 7 2/3"

A Travel Guide to Heaven

Author: Anthony DeStefano
Format: Hardcover
Page Count:
Trim Size: 5 7/12" x 8 1/2"

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