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Guideposts Partners

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Guideposts Partners

Join us as we share the JOY of Positive Living! 
Join Guideposts Partners! 

Guideposts Partners is a community of spiritual people who want to share the inspiration and joy of positive living with others. Founded by Norman Vincent Peale and his wife, Ruth Stafford Peale, Guideposts Partners pledge to support Guideposts Outreach.

These gifts enable us to share the joy and inspiration of positive living with people all over the world by distributing our material free of charge to people in need. From nursing homes to VA hospitals, from homeless shelters to the young men and women serving in the military, where we see a need, Guideposts Partners help us fill it.

When you join Guideposts Partners you will receive a monthly letter from a staff member, telling you how your gifts are supporting those in need. In addition you will receive:

- The Annual Action Booklet, sent in January
- The Annual Loyalty Membership Gift, sent in April
- The Annual Inspirational Desk Calendar, sent in October
- And a free subscription to PLUS: The Power of Faith

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All we ask in return is that you pledge a gift to support Guideposts Partners. Some Guideposts Partners pledge $10, some pledge $20. Some pledge less, some pledge more. The amount you choose is between you and God. Whatever amount you choose, you will be helping to support Guideposts Outreach.

When you join Guideposts Partners, you will be enriching your own life with the uplifting joy of positive thinking and at the same time you will be helping others. Join Guideposts Partners, and step into our caring community!

Guideposts Ministries Outreach ProgramsAbout Guideposts Outreach Programs

Guideposts Outreach touches millions of lives by bringing the message of faith and hope to people who need God's presence and promises. With your support, our programs can make a positive difference in people's lives both here in the U.S. and abroad. For millions, Guideposts Outreach is a trusted source that offers prayer support, inspiration and encouragement every step of the way along their life path.

Thank You For Supporting Guideposts Outreach!

As a special thank you for becoming a member of Guideposts Partners, you will also receive The Annual Action Booklet, the Annual Loyalty Membership Gift, The Annual Inspirational Desk Calendar, and a free subscription to PLUS: The Power of Faith.

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