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Daily Guideposts 2013

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Daily Guideposts 2013 Pocket Edition

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Daily Guideposts is a bestselling devotional book containing short inspirational pieces for each day of the year. Published every year since 1977, Daily Guidepostswill not only bring you closer to God, it will also help you live a fuller, richer life through prayerfully sharing in the personal experiences of our writers.Each day includes:

- A short Scripture verse for reflection

- A true, first-person anecdote, told in an informal, conversational style, that shares the ways God speaks to everyone in the ordinary events of life

- A brief prayer to help put the day's message to work in your own life

Simply and directly, in just five minutes a day, Daily Guideposts will help you find the spiritual richness in your own life—every day of the year.

By making Daily Guideposts a part of your daily devotional practice, you will become part of a remarkable family of readers and writers brought together by a common faith and united by heartfelt prayer. You'll keep up with your favorite authors as they share the struggles, life lessons and miracles they've encountered this past year. Gain inspiration from long-time writers like Marion Bond West, Debbie Macomber and Edward Grinnan, plus more than 50 other writers!

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