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Nowhere to be Found - Secrets of the Blue Hill Library - Book 1

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Secrets of the Blue Hill Library

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A young widow experiences mysterious happenings as she transforms her great-aunt’s historic Victorian mansion into the new town library and discovers new insights into her family's fascinating past and God’s plan for her family’s future.

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Mysterious things happen as a young widow transforms her great-aunt’s historic Victorian mansion into the new town library. As Anne Gibson seeks a new life for herself and her children and fulfill her aunt Edie’s final wishes, she discovers new insights into Edie’s fascinating past and God’s plan for her family’s future.

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The series begins with… Nowhere to be Found

– Book 1

While converting the Victorian home left by her great-aunt Edie into a library, Anne Gibson stumbles upon a fascinating find. Hidden behind an old star quilt is a tiny sealed-off room with a small writing desk and a faded photograph of Edie in a wedding gown that provides the first puzzling clue to the room’s significance. Anne is certain Aunt Edie never married, so who is the handsome young man with her in the photograph? Could he still hold claim to the house bequeathed to Anne? As she sets out to solve the mystery, Anne makes delightful new friends and runs into old ones—including a high school sweetheart who might not be happy that the woman who broke his heart is back in town.

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Emily Thomas

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276 pages

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Other Books in the Series
The series continues with…

Shadows of the Past (Book 2)

Author:  Robin Caroll                   Format: Hardcover                   Page Count: 296

While cataloging books at the library, Anne stumbles on an old, yellowed map of Pennsylvania tucked inside the pages of a historical book from Aunt Edie’s private collection. When Anne studies the map, she sees markings that hint that it was used by Lewis and Clark! Could it really be authentic? And if it is, how did Aunt Edie come to possess a map that had been stolen from the now-defunct Blue Hill Historical Society one hundred years ago? Meanwhile, Anne’s son Ben starts disappearing for long periods of time, though he’s always close by and comes home when she calls. His furtive, increasingly strange behavior and—stranger still for a nine-year-old boy—frequent showering make Anne wonder what secrets her son is hiding from her.

Followed by…

Unlocking the Truth (Book 3)

Author: Kelly Ann Riley              Format: Hardcover                     Page Count: 296                    

An unmarked package arrives at the library containing an old handwritten manuscript. As Anne reads through the brittle pages, she becomes completely captivated by the fascinating story of a war-torn romance. She’s filled with questions too. Who wrote it? Is it a true story? Who sent it to Anne, and why? As she sets out to solve the riddle of the manuscript, God will challenge Anne to examine her own heart and let down the walls she has built around it since her husband’s tragic accident.

Additional Books in the Series:

4. Theft and Thanksgiving

5. The Christmas Key
6. Off the Shelf
7. Gone in a Flash
8. All Sewn Up
9. If Walls Could Talk
10. The Rightful Owner
11. Cracking the Code
12. The Valentine Visitor 
13. Without a Trace 
14. Stagestruck
15. All that Glitters
16. Lights! Camera! Action! 
17. Mum's the Word
18. Sidetracked Suspicions
19. For the Birds
20. Finding Home
21. Agree to Disagree
22. Frozen in Time
23. The Not-So-Civil War
24. A Fitting Conclusion 
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FOR PRINT FORMAT ONLY: Every 4 to 6 weeks you will automatically receive the next book in the series to preview free for 30 days.  If you decide to keep it, then mail the invoice with your payment of $13.95 plus shipping.  There is no minimum number of books to purchase and you may cancel at any time.

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